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  1. Thanks to everybody that helped, especially radecs revenge. Special shout out to group 3. You guys rocked it!
  2. psn: snackytreats dlc: all mic: yes host? yes Trophies needed: all Would like to get in on this if there's still room
  3. add me for killing machine. just starting, but would really like to grind it out before the shut down. gmt -6 (central us), 2 controllers and dlc
  4. Is it too late to get in on the session for the 27th? If not, I'm game. GMT -5 timezone.
  5. want to boost some wildcards. this is top priority for me, so pretty motivated to get this done.
  6. I got my copy today from amazon and I'm in the us
  7. but being good at it doesn't make an average game any better. i think most gamers say a game is crap when it is not fun to play.
  8. massive upgrade over the old guide. maybe this will inspire me to work on this game some more.
  9. 1. icameron625 2. craigm1987 3. fednad37 4. Lazrix 5. blkburn123 6. XDS22 7. GastNDorf 8. snackytreats (gmt -6) 9. 10. 11. 12. Bonus 1: Bonus 2: *List Updated. Join if possible.* i added myself. i don't need strike, but i'll help out. need other awards/patches/wildcards, so i'm looking to make some friends
  10. finished, so no adds for this game please. thanks stedaman333 for the assistance.
  11. his math is right. list of six, five spots taken, needs two more = seven. there just aren't enough spots on the list.
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