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  1. Really not surprised. Team ICO has always made spectacular worlds with some of the worst actual gameplay I've played. Both ICO and SotC are great, and one day I might be interested in revisiting them through a LP, but I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever PLAY them again. Yuck.
  2. I have no interest in trophy boosting, but I do really want to play this game online and it's completely dead. If anyone's interested, hit me up. PSN: Joolesasher GMT+1
  3. Everything about it. God, I miss Black. But in particular, Iron Maiden and the motherfucking physics. Bumpercart'ing motherfucking fuuuuuuuuuck.. Whatever. Fuck this shitty game up the ass. I. MISS. BLACK.
  4. SURELY they can't be the same guys that made the previous ones?! It's not a good GoW, but it's a perfectly acceptable game. Or so I thought, up until that motherfucking trial, which made me realize that I wasn't really enjoying the road up until that part either - I just thought I did, because hey, it's GoW! Jesus christ, whoever designed that part should be fired immediately, because he's fucking beyond useless. FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU. In fact, fire everyone that made Ascension a much worse game than its predecessors, and get the ones that were part of both Ascension and III a checkup immediately, because they must've all had some kind of contagious strokes. I love difficult games. But what seperates this game from GoW3, or e.g., anything Platinum has done, is that they were FAIR. It was all up to the player. But this game and especially the trial is fucking bullshit, and it's not on ME, it's on THEM. So please fist yourselves deep and don't stop until you push through your teeth from the inside.
  5. Had been victim to some incredibly shitty design-choices. Fuck. Finally done with him. Game deleted. Left with shitty sour taste in mouth. It was really pretty, but it didn't have much else going for it.
  6. Fights like these really make this game insanely BAD. The combat overall is no hit, but it's... sufficient. But whenever one of these retarded fights on hard come up, it's pretty fucking obvious what a fucking poorly made game this is. Rarely has a game been this fucking infuriating to me. The story is pretty good/well-written and original (its execution, anyway) but the fucking amateurs that made the combat is really fucking up what could potentially have been a great game. Lose your jobs now, please.
  7. I've only played up till a part of Chris' chapter 2, but that doesn't disqualify my opinion as much as it hasn't given me insight into the OTHER faults this game is bound to have (that part with Leon that has people up in flames is surely going to make me crazy). - QTEs. Apart from VERY FEW exceptions, they have NO fucking place in games anymore. -- RE6's QTEs. I mean, fuuuuuuuuck. Not only is there a ridiculous amount of them already, but they really suck. I just had to sodomize my controller to kill one of the big ones in Chris 2, because they thought it was a good idea to use "rotate left stick" to that degree (speed/amount of turns vs. time in doing so...). - The aiming is godawful (I'm using the laser-sight). It's not an issue of skill as I enjoyed both 4 and 5's aim, and other "hard-to-hit" games like Uncharted. It just sucks ass, and so I've turned to playing the game like a brawler like I can (and that includes rushing stupidly into enemy fire just so I don't have to fucking use my guns), because like people have said before - not enough fucking ammo. *edit: Fighting against those cocoon-monsters was a helluva lot more fun than the J'avo, at least. - The graphics are really nice, but I'm having serious issues seeing the enemies and lootable boxes. I had neither of these problems with RE5. - The camera. ...FFS. - Well, the controls in general just, GRAAAH... - Penalizing directing. Like, for instance, I open a door, and behind it are people ready to shoot me. A well-directed game would've given me two bloody seconds to evade before they open fire, but I'm still stuck in the slow "open door-action". While I don't necessarily agree with RE5's turn to action, it makes sense from a story-perspective, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, RE5 was a really good TPS. RE6 isn't, and the fact that it has RE in the title is so far the its only redeeming advantage, as I would've stopped playing after the first chapter had I not been interested in more RE-lore. ...Which so far doesn't even seem to be any good. TL;DR - I more or less feel like they took everything bad with RE5 (as opposed to its prequels) and made it a lot worse, while removing everything that still made 5 a solid game. Whoever had creative control over this did a truly piss-poor job.
  8. Speak when spoken to, speak when spoken to. :)

  9. I can only recommend the first half. Been playing my first time on Veteran and ever since I got to Delta Labs, I've just felt that the game is retarded, and I'm not sure if I'm gonna finish it, let alone do a PT on Nightmare. It really shows its age when it comes to enemy placement and shit. Don't get me wrong, I like hard games, but I also like them fair. I'm currently doing a God Hard on Vanquish, and that's major league douchebag-hard, but it never feels as if the game is cheating me, but Doom 3 does all the time.
  10. Just reset my system to see if I can get rid of this fucking Alert-glitch. I'm currently at Alert no matter what I do. It can drop down, but as soon as they spot me, it goes from nothing to red. And I just finished Firehawk, so I'm guessing I only had like one more Dana before the final one or something. Anyway, if it doesn't work, I'm deleting this piece of uselessly-made crap and never looking back. No fucking wonder they got canned, incompetent fuckers.
  11. I'm thinking about buying the premium ed. which is on sale right now, but I'm still worried about all the reports and controversy regarding the major issues with it. Is it still glitchy as hell or is it at a more normal level now?
  12. I win often enough to not let losing bother me. Like I said, I often win against people that are far better than me. And it's not even about them being better than me. It's the way the game is acting for me that annoys me and I'm curious if anyone else have similar experiences, and e.g. gotten better and it seemed to go away (lack of skill on my end), or gotten better and it was still there (EAsports suck donkeyballs), or whatever.
  13. Is it mine, the developers, the internet-connection... I've NEVER come across a sports-game that I don't get insanely frustruated with. Once I get over the initial idkwhatthehellimdoing and get "good", I always start to loathe the game. Like this game, for instance. I bought it for the PS3 (I really don't think there's much of a difference when it comes to this "specific" thing regardless of console, and that forum was dead) this saturday - hadn't owned one since NHL11 because of this issue I have, so woo, awesome, finally have one again! Or not. Once I remembered the controls, I got so fucking fed up by what the game DIDN'T do. Because now I'm once again in a position to spot awesome passes, spot the danger zones in defense, spot whatever. But instead of doing that, they opt for "I'M GONNA ACT LIKE A FUCKING MORON AND DO THIS INSTEAD". So, my question would be something like... Is there a whole world I'm missing in terms of controls and skill?* Or is it lag?** Or is it just shoddy developing?*** *I mean, most people skate waaaaaaay better than I, and know/[how to manipulate] the physics and whatever. While I, on the other hand, can't seem to stay where I want to stay to block passing lanes, or even pucks - they just pass right by me. I still win pretty often, because reading them on D and surprising them on O is usually enough, even if I would've been fucking spectacular if I could move like most people. And also because Hockey's a ridiculously random sport, so luck plays a big factor. So is there a whole superdeep level beyond learning basic controls and knowing "how the game works to a point where you win frequently" that would enable me to feel like the game's true to its intentions and I'm not a slave to its every whim? **The latest game I played I had to "ragequit". They were only up with one, but there was definite delay in all passes and shit, though no ...uh, loadlag? (Skipping/spedup frames and whatnot). Couldn't stand it. But that was one of the few matches where the lag was evident (on my end). Is this a "hidden" factor, though? ***You know, like Fifa, where the retarded AI doesn't fucking understand basic controls. As a sidenote: That fucking pathetic cheat when you use the goalie with a guest to knock an attacker into goalie-interference. What's up with people doing that? Are they total losers in real life so they want to win by any means necessary? (Note that that was rhetorical).
  14. How it looks doesn't mean shit, unfortunately. HM was a game that looked dreadful, but I had heard all the rave reviews, so I decided to buy it for £3~ on a sale. Completely loved it. It's happened a lot, and unfortunately, it's happened the other way around more times than I can count as well. I didn't love it at first, though, especially not once I was trying to A+ the levels. @OP or anyone else suffering from the hate: Try looking at a guide for A+, whether it's text or YT. I went from believing that I had to rush and combo everyone to understanding that with the drill (as an example) I could take my time and play the levels strategically instead of trying to get lucky going into full mayhem-mode. It changed everything, and it's one of those games that I wish had taken longer to plat.
  15. But the thing is that there's no REAL challenge there. I've already beat each stage one-by-one, and even some of the negative-modifiers are actually pretty good for you, so they don't really add much challenge at all. "Oh nooooes, will the mob be stronger...? Makes it easier for me to rack up a sweet combo in the earlier rounds." So there's not really much that separates the "few thousand" that have the platinum, and the ones who just can't be arsed because of a shitty time-wasting system. (But yes, give me unlimited tries, and I wouldn't have a problem with it, except for what I previously mentioned on how little the modifiers do if you choose them at the appropriate stage, so there's still not much point of the CCs anyway.)
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