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  1. Come back to the site

  2. Haven't seen you on in forever bro

  3. Here is a link to the video on how to get the trophy.
  4. Anyone got any tips on getting this trophy?
  5. Just need 3 online trophies... I was hit by initializing freeze.
  6. Hey man. This is a super long shot but .... do you still own Top Gun: Hard Lock?

  7. If you need the online and league trophies then message me on PSN and i will add you.
  8. I need the Raiders stadium on PS4 and will trade whatever for it.
  9. Gave it a 3... boosting it makes everything easy except for that damn triple option skill challenge.
  10. Yes and also here is a good way to get all the trophies in about 2 hours.
  11. Is anyone else getting the message "No points offers were found, please check back later" when you press square to buy points?
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