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  1. I'm terrible at this game. The best I've ever done in a race is 7th place. I can't even win a race let alone an episode. I qualify like 33% of the time.
  2. Difficulty trophies are ok, but not for games that take 30+ hours to complete the story. I just hope they don't do what KH1 on PS3 did and you had to beat each difficulty to get the respective trophies instead of them stacking.
  3. I didn't realize beating the secret boss only unlocked the premium menu for that save file. Can you turn on EZ and Pro codes at the same time, do the data fights and kill them all in one hit with the EZ code and still get the trophy? I haven't messed with these codes so apologies if this question is ignorant.
  4. Verum Rex took me forever, but it was only one of few that gave me a great deal of difficulty. The other two were the flan where you are riding Goofy's shield (Olympus), and the getting a perfect rating on cooking for cracking eggs.
  5. I have a veteran certified item I can trade for a very rare item. Put rocket league in Friend request. PSN is Fettster777
  6. I have a veteran certified item I'm willing to trade for a very rare item. If you add me on PSN put rocket league and trophy boost. Also need MVP trophy and squad goals. I have a second controller. I've got them now, thanks Soul-_-Warrior.
  7. Looking to boost the online Friend trophy. PSN is Fettster777 and I'm central time. Please put rocket league in message when adding. I've got trophy now.
  8. Which Rivals trophies can you get without the expansion? I don't have the expansion but have both Brutal trophies. What about the experience or instrument score trophies?
  9. I found the items I need to farm the most were Frost Crystals and Frost Gems. Yet another reason to go back to Frozen world, ugh. My least favorite world in the game by far.
  10. I tried a million times to beat him, finally did with Ravus help, and got 896000, just 4000 short of the trophy. FML
  11. Did you use an app on the same phone that you used for the microphone?
  12. Just want to say you don't need the video enabled for the upload trophies. I didn't use video on most of them. The upload was not clickable directly after the song, however I stored them locally and then uploaded those via the ME page and got the trophies. Also, I got most of the 5-star trophies via Battle Mode as well as long as one person gets 5-stars on the song.
  13. If I'm used to playing later final fantasy games (7-13) and can best them no problem will I manage this difficulty with ease?
  14. On Final Fantasy XV (NA) when I check off a trophy and click save changes it will not save. Is there something that can be done to fix this? I deleted the game and re-added it and they save now.
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