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  1. Wtf... That's rediculous
  2. Veteran is insane. I can clear experienced without losing a single life, but veteran has me stuck, particularly the boss of world 5.
  3. Can anyone help with the hosting trophies please? Psn: MELIA
  4. I know the Crash games well, I've got 100% (well 105% in warped) on them a few times. These lists are very easy, i was expecting some harder challenges for the plats
  5. Still waiting for mine. I'm level 30/130. Both the guys i play with picked one up around level 15 ish
  6. Is this a known glitch... I can't earn PP, at all I mean. I bought the game today and the second sandbox mission requires you to earn PP, but i can't. Nowhere in game no matter what i do it won't earn, in freeroam or in missions. I've deleted my save, restarted the game etc and it's no different
  7. Any tips for getting cool on the cooking level? It's the last one I've got and it's so Damn hard
  8. It's a mess Stage 4 took ages, i found you had to press the buttons just after his face passes the actual button
  9. I would disagree with you there, there is a significant difference with 4k- I've watched a few tv series and movies in both 1080 and 4K native and the difference is more than just noticeable on a 55" screen. With house of cards in particular the difference was staggering. But that's 4K native- and given the pro will mostly be 4K upscale my question is without the hdr would it still be worth the investment
  10. I'm after some advice/opinions... I have a 55" Sony bravia 4K TV, but it doesn't have HDR. Would it still be worth getting a ps pro? I was all set for one but I've read that HDR is as much a game changer as the enhanced resolution. Is it better to wait until I have a hdr 4K TV?
  11. I'm in the UK with an early access code too and mine does exactly the same- it still says I need a token
  12. Yeah, I put the code in earlier today and it activated. I wonder if it's the psn people pre orders who have it today and store ones will be tomorrow
  13. I've got an early access code but it still says unavailable on the ps store
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