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  1. DMoney2467 Looking to boost Sharing Is Caring, Commited To The Cause, Lab Technician & All Rounder Pacific Time Zone
  2. I would really like to finally get this trophy done, I've put it off for so long. I tried to join one of these sessions before but didn't get picked. None of my friends play Destiny anymore either & I don't want to waste time failing at attempting this solo. My PSN ID is DMoney2467, time zone is PST & version is PS4.
  3. I didn't realize I had to post then post again to add my name to a list but oh well. I'll just go for this legit.
  4. For the Heavyweight trophy, you aren't exactly clear on what you mean by 500 knockouts. The trophy states 500 total but you make it seem like you need 500 for EACH game mode, making that 1,500 total knockouts. I have 509 total knockouts across all 3 game modes right now & the trophy has not popped. Edit: I had to play one more game for it to pop, so it is 500 total. Your description is a little misleading though, especially when you mention being able to check your kills in all 3 game modes implying it's 500 for each one.
  5. Me & one other guy are waiting right before the escape in extinction. We need 1 more player to join us to do the escape for no man left. Can anyone help?? We've been sitting here for half an hour now & I am tired of quitters/host migrations.
  6. I also need a couple Extinction trophies but my main focus is getting 3 players to play all the way through with me. My friend got it with randoms a few days ago & then got rid of the game. Every time I try & play with randoms people either leave or get booted before we can finish. Really frustrating trophy with not so active servers. PSN ID is DMoney2467 & time zone is pacific.
  7. I don't know how much more farming I can do for Jimmy Jenkins. I have searched for him everywhere & tried the Doctor's Orders trick countless times & only found regular loot midget loaders (even that is rare for me) in Wildlife Exploration Preserve. This is what made me take a break from trophy hunting the 1st time, stupid pointless requirements based on luck. If anyone can find him & let me kill him I would appreciate it so I can go back to enjoying this game. PSN ID - DMoney2467, Pacific Time.
  8. Check your PMs. Please sign up in the Yahoo Fantasy Football league. The draft is on Saturday.

  9. Trine 2 with Spare Parts being a close 2nd. I got them both for free though so as easy as they were at least I can say I didn't BUY them just for 2 quick platinums. They were actually both pretty fun too.
  10. EDIT: I no longer need help with the disguise & disarm trophies, I got them on my own & have my platinum now.
  11. Forget worst shooter ever, this is one of the worst GAMES that I have ever played. The AI is ridiculously overpowering on hard, your AI team mates are complete idiots & the gameplay flat out sucks. EDIT: So after a few more tries I ended up beating 'Day 2: Breakout' for Resistance, which is the level that made me post on this thread in the 1st place. It only took me a couple tries to beat 'Day 6: Early Launch' for Security luckily, at the time I didn't know that was the hardest mission along with Breakout.
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