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  1. Looking to get Nerves of Steel and Flying Higher. EDIT: Have since acquired all trophies, still looking to play for the remaining ubisoft club points. Namely, call uno 100 times and win 30 online games. PSN: ZionAxis
  2. Looking to earn all the MP and arena trophies. PSN ID: ZionAxis
  3. If someone would help with the Challenge trophy, that'd be greatly appreciated! This is actually the bane of my existence, lol PSN: ZionAxis
  4. So I followed this glitch to a T, but only managed to get up up the "moderate" difficulty trophies. I played on explorer first time around, gathering all the miscellaneous trophies along the way. I then noticed that chapter nine says I completed it with lock-on aim enabled. I replayed it on crushing WITHOUT lock-on aim, trying to get the trophy. Nothing popped, I replayed the epilogue, and still, nothing popped. Wondering if someone can give me any other suggestions? I've been trying for about two hours now.
  5. Looking to get the Doomsday Heist trophies. Save for the elitist and mastermind, not ready to put in the effort for those yet, lol PSN: ZionAxis
  6. Looking for some one to help me level up Claptrap for his respective trophy. I can return the favour with my Lvl50 Wilhelm. PSN ID: ZionAxis PS4
  7. In the concourse area of the third act, my camera won't shift right to pick up the pebbles? Anyone know of a fix?
  8. Looking for someone to help me powerlevel the siren, zero, and gunzerker for their respective trophies. Also need the revival trophy. PSN ID: ZionAxis
  9. Looking to run all six co-op missions. PSN: ZionAxis
  10. I'm just wondering if some of you are getting the same problem as me. My problem is that whenever I start Survival, the opening sequence is extremely choppy audio wise. Even then if I can get past the cinematic without having the game crash, which it often does, I'm plagued by a number of graphical glitches that warrant the game unplayable. Can anybody help me out with this?
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