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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  3. Hey! Couldn’t help but notice your post on the AC Valhalla post about featuring your home town ! Your not from Waterford per chance are

    You ?!

  4. Thanks so much for this info. I have done everything up until adding this new map to my world map but I am not clear on what to do now ? Do I need to locate this island in my "world"
  5. you can close this thread @admins I didnt have the 3 play throughs completed
  6. Hey guys , going to loot the last few trophies form the trophy shop in game. Trouble is the mysterious lady isint in my resistance camp [spoiler=124]I think I’ve done the 3 play throughs. Last major thing happened was 2B died and as 9s I was revived by these 2 pink haired chicks in the resistance camp - am I missing something?
  7. right ! okay that makes sense. Sometimes the mission won't update until you "run out of an area" I noticed that cheers man I will check back into it later. Its not overly clear in parts
  8. SPOLIERS IN REPLY cheers Metdevil. I think this is where I got lost alright. I was examining some dead Yorha soldiers on the ground after the mission but I didnt get the prompt to go back to resistance camp. Oddly I've been back there a few times and not seen any prompt to start conversations with anyone! and the fast travel / save terminal in the camp is out of order
  9. Hey guys, First off what an absolutely mind boggling game hahah! But I like it a lot. Trouble is I have no idea what I need to do next and my game seems to only populate side quests I dont know what I am supposed to do next SPOLIERS BELOW So I done that mission with the giant sea sperm and 9s heads off to shoot it with a missile and then he goes MIA. The story is not only throwing me side missions all of which require me to be 10 levels ahead of what I am now so I figure they have no bearing on the main game missions unlocking Any ideas on where I have to go to progress story ? Thanks!
  10. Hey dudes As the title says Is there and soul farming areas that work on digital version 1.11 ? Thanks
  11. I am playing on digits copy version 1.11 and I can’t seem t find a dupe glitch that works for souls what one did you use
  12. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :).

  13. Guys this trophy is killing me 😂 no matter what I do I can’t get my rank above 1750 I’ve been to all regions doing online conquests and defences and I’ve ranked all my army members to over level 65 and still nothing Any help ? Thanks!
  14. Cheers! Are these vendettas missions dotted around the main map ?
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