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  1. #189 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II The Circle is Now Complete Thanks to the glitch in the first game this was a marginally harder plat. Not because of the story, which was piss-easy and short as fuck (one level literally took me 12 seconds to complete ), but because of some of the challenges. Very unforgiving and could've been more difficult if the trophies required us to get a platinum medal in each one instead of just gold. Shame there isn't another one. Would've loved to have seen a third entry and some bloody answers to stupid questions. This clone business...
  2. 6/10 Marginally harder than the first game. Whilst Unleashed is a piss-take compared to the first, the first did have a glitch so was only a 5. What makes this a 6 instead of a 3 are the damn challenges. Retrieval in particular took many frustrating attempts to pull-off. Very unforgiving and thank fuck we didn't have to get platinum in all of them. If 10 was impossible then it would never be an option so we should start voting out of 9.
  3. 15 hours Complete guess. I reckon the two story playthroughs were about ten hours and then five on the challenges.
  4. Thanks, that reminds me to watch the latest season.
  5. Just watched the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film in preparation for watching the TV series. Oof, not good. Felt like a long episode of the show, and a random one at that. Luckily I hear the TV show is good so at least that's out of the way!
  6. Boro and Wycombe are suing Derby because they feel like our "financial advantages" hindered their table positions. EFL confirmed that these cases, if found against Derby, will count as "football creditors" and so we would be obliged to pay them as a condition of our administration. The worry of this is putting off potential buyers. The club is £60 million in debt as it us and Wycombe are demanding £7 million and Boro an insane £45 million. No buyer = no evidence of funds to complete the season. We have until the 1st February to prove we have the funds or our EFL membership could be revoked. We could sell more players (already sold Shinnie to Wigan for a laughable £30,000) but we wouldn't be able to get enough to deal with all these problems unless we sold the lot, but even then. Of course, selling any more will inevitably doom us to relegation when we're so damn close to actually climbing out of the bottom three. Boro and Wycombe's petty claims are really fucking us over and they don't give a shit. It's unprecedented. And the EFL are washing their hands of it and just throwing out more punishments and deadlines.
  7. Has there ever been a case where the owner of a club has outright sought to completely erase from existence another? Because that's what the cunts at Boro and Wycombe are doing. And the EFL are letting it happen; allowing two of its members to destroy another and actively hindering a takeover. Points deduction? Fine. Fine? Fine. Transfer embargo? Fine. But stopping us from getting out of administration because of ludicrous claims and just washing your hands of it saying it's a "legal matter" whilst at the same time saying it will be a "football debt that must be paid" just reeks of an agenda that has fuck all to do with their bullshit mission statements. Just two weeks to go until we could be the next Bury. Fuck the EFL. Fuck Gibson. Fuck Couhig.
  8. Love a KFC. Only have it once or twice a year though, mostly for the gravy burger they release in December for Christmas.
  9. Very short episode. As a result there's nothing I can say but negatives. Minor: Newbacca just throwing Boba around. Not a fan of half-hearted killing attempts. Major: Those awful teenagers. Just, what the actual fuck are they? The bright-coloured bikes, the robotic enhancements, the clothing, hair and makeup. They were ripped straight out of a cyberpunk setting and were really off-putting. Completely out of place. Get rid.
  10. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Would've been few options with this one. There's a lot to think about and I was playing with mates so the last trophy was going to be whatever it ended up being. So nothing special here.
  11. Might as well try. I got a refund for a game within 14 days that I had downloaded. 👀
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