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  1. 2/10. I got the limited edition which came with a lot of game breaking items which made the journey to the platinum a lot easier. otherwise it could be a 3 or 4 out of 10.
  2. Just a heads up that the vending machine trophy can glitch, and you’ll have almost a 0% of encountering them. Credit to “pop2ww” from psnprofiles for the solution, just back up your save, select endgame from mission select, and speed run the first part of the DLC until the fra maruo entrance checkpoint (you can use assist mode to speed things up). After that you can use fast travel and farm the vending machines as described in the guide, I got the trophy in about 20 minutes with this method after hours with no altered machines in my original save file.
  3. 3/10. Very easy and surprisingly very fun, I enjoyed it quite a lot. But you need to be aware of the missable ending trophies. A few tips from my experience: -keep at least 1 student at level 10 to graduate each semester. -focus on getting your academy to max rank before building your party as the students at rank A can reach level 30. -an easy way to acquire money and fame is to build a greenhouse and a park and enter a 2 week mission and then abandoning it, you’ll get at least 10000 fame and 16K gold each time. By rank A you won’t need any fame generating buildings so you can use the spaces to build other structures. -The best level to grind for Xp is drake hunting, I advice leveling each student to 30 before promoting them, as you can learn additional skills and their stats carry over. Kill every monster including the 2 drakes then quit. DONT COMPLETE IT before having at least 1 max level student of each of the 6 final classes. -I advise finishing the mother drakequest line first before the other ultimate weapons’ quest lines, as it glitched out for me and I could’ve missed the best dagger Valthir if I didn’t use a back up save. -you can exploit the merchant’s RNG by backing up a save when she leaves and reloading it if she doesn’t have anything you need. It’s a good way to get some final tier weapons without synthesis. -My main team was made of 6 students at LV 30 of each final Class (I also leveled them to 30 in the previous 2 classes) and their weapons were Valthir for harlequin, whisper for gunman, divinity for medic, Sherman staff for scholar mage, crescent edge for arc draconus, and doom bringer for Paladin. You can use any accessories you see fit, and I got the non side quest weapons using the merchant trick.
  4. 1/10, it’s very easy and very tedious as you need to play the game at least 5 times to get the platinum.
  5. 3/10. I would’ve rated it lower if the combat system wasn’t complex and annoying to understand, they should’ve made it a simple turn based system and the game would’ve been a lot more enjoyable for me. Regardless, the trophies are simple and easy but there are some missable trophies which you need to keep an eye on, plus the grinding isn’t as tedious as in other Jrpgs.
  6. I give it a 3/10. It’s a very short and easy game, though I died a few times with the final boss and you need to grind for some extra hours to get everyone to lv 100. You can use the guide below for some tips including maxing all facilities using only 7 buildings from each category. https://knoef.info/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/arc-of-alchemist-trophy-guide/ The game is below average and I consider it the worst of the IF/Compile hearts games, I recommend getting it at a very high discount (it’s currently $8 at the time of writing which is the price I payed for it).
  7. 2/10. Very easy and fun, just make sure to get the chalices in every stage so you can get access to more powerful equipment. The only problem is the glitched 7 deaths trophy which I got by letting the timer run out in the haunted ruins stage.
  8. 2/10. Play on the lowest difficulty and have a collectible guide as there’s A LOT of them. After that you need a half play through to get all the upgrades. Even if they had difficulty trophies, part 2 has no online trophies which in opinion were the hardest to get in part 1.
  9. 6/10. Some of the late game & dlc platforming can be quite frustrating, specifically the power seals and mask fragments. Regardless everything can be overcome with time plus some trial and error. The “no argument there” trophy is made insignificant by accepting the deal from the mask in NG+, and I advise getting the “I swear it’s my first time” on your first play through as there’s no benefit or advantage by attempting it on NG+. Overall it’s a fantastic game and I enjoyed every minute of it despite the frequent frustrating parts.
  10. 2/10. Very fun with a lot of missable trophies. You can use a walkthrough for everything, but if you plan on saving the trophies on another run just look up the collectible candles, as you may need to start another play through if you miss one. Also keep a save at the beginning of each chapter just in case.
  11. 2/10. I got the bundle with all the DLCs, and the weapons included make the entire game a cakewalk on easy. It could be higher if you choose not to use the and/or play on a higher difficulty. Quick tip: If you have Ripuka in your party, ignore talking to her in the camp, because if you complete all her dialogue you’ll be locked into getting her ending and you can’t choose the trophy-associated endings in NG+. This would force you to play another play through after NG+
  12. 3/10. A very easy and fun metroidvania, the only challenging parts were the secret boss and getting 100% of the items, though you could buy items and break them into the materials you need instead of farming for them especially the rare items, and the gold farming method makes sure you can get enough money for that process.
  13. 2/10 if you play it on the easiest difficulty. Very fun and enjoyable, it’s kinda strange that EA made one of the best games of 2019 without any money grabbing BS.
  14. I give it a 5/10. Getting the limit break accessory before starting hard mode really helped make the play through easier, I only struggled with the final chapter bosses but they more annoying than hard. The pride and joy gauntlet was surprisingly very doable, I followed the tips from the trophy guide in this forum and from the completionist YouTube channel and was able to beat it on my first try. I’m more excited about the next chapters of the remake since they confirmed that they would stick to the original’s storyline without any drastic changes, it eased my worries that they would mess with the original story after the goofy ending.
  15. Though I mostly enjoyed the game, there are a couple of things that really soured the experience for me. The first obvious one is the Kingdom hearts ghosts inclusion. Ever since I saw them in the trailers I knew they were going to be a dumb thing that would make the story worse. Firstly no one treats like a potential threat, they act like they are a swarm of annoying moths instead of a tornado of grim-reaper like specters. Secondly, a lot of the events they interfere in could be done in a better way or removed entirely. For example in ch5 have a group of monsters from the locked areas or the underground lab attack sector 7 and injure Jesse, instead of sending an army of ghosts to sprain her ankle. Or have some Shinra choppers attack the party in Ch13 while Reno & Rude push the pillar button, and the party was already late in ch12 because they fought with 2 bosses that weren’t in the original game. The other major events I can think of can be removed like Aerith falling from the balcony or Barret being stabbed by Sephiroth since they are tied to the ghosts and are instantly undone. Finally Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse were nobodies in the original game, and they build them up into likable characters. You could have some or all of them survive without the ghost stuff, and it would be great to see them again near the end of the game. The other thing that is less disappointing than the ghosts was having Sephiroth appear early in the story. I loved how the build him up in the original, especially when you follow the trail of blood and corpses in the Shinra building. But overall it wasn’t that much of an issue. The rest of the game is nothing short of perfection. They recreated everything from the original game with loving detail including the materia appearing on your weapons’ slots. And I loved the extra characters and events they added to build up the world. Overall I’m pretty exited to see how they’ll continue with the story and how they’ll design the combat mechanics of the other party members, the iconic locations like Junon and the golden saucer, the rest of the summons, and the original end game bosses and weapons. And my worries were put at ease when one of the directors or producers said during an interview that they won’t deviate that much from the main plot of the original game.
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