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  1. We miss you on Pst3 Eric,hope you come back

  2. Oof, as you can tell I don't really come on here much anymore either. Don't even have a Playstation anymore. I play PC only now lol. Keep it real man.

  3. Hope that you have a happy birthday...fellow triangle.

  4. Unique Game Submission PSN: bubman2 Team: The Leftovers Game: My Name is Mayo
  5. Haha. Me too, mostly.


    What has been keeping you busy?

  6. Been good, super busy with life outside of games so I don't have nearly the same amount of time to play anymore.

  7. Been pretty good. Moved to WA now! How have you been?

  8. Same as you. Working on Detroit Become Human. It's summer and we are outside and enjoying the great weather. Swimming pools are open.

  9. Hey Free, yeah I'm still gaming just not nearly as much as I used to. How have you been?

  10. Yeah haha, how have you been?

  11. I'm doing good man, don't come on here much these days. How have you been?

  12. Not me, this will be the first THL I haven't participated in.
  13. Hey Eric. What up over there?

  14. Haven't chatted in awhile. Are you still gaming?

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