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  1. I'm interested in boosting the PS4 version of the game. User ID: Karnacharya
  2. Underrated comment. Honestly, this site's design and functionality have been stagnant for so long that I'm more than a little surprised it's still going, especially considering that sleeker, mordern, more functional competitors like PowerPyx and PSNProfiles are regularly publishing quality stuff. Those advertising dollars are good for something, I guess.
  3. God, I hope not. Final Fantasy X -Will- was such trash that it doesn't deserve to be made into a game.
  4. Solid list. I hope the minigame trophies aren't too annoying.
  5. Honestly, it's too early to tell. I'd probably bet money on the fact that the trophy requires you to clear all Solosseum challenges with an S rank, though.
  6. Does anyone have tips for beating the Siegfried Ancient? I'm getting brutalized. x_X EDIT: I got him. As a tip to anyone else that might be struggling with fighting Ancients, I'd hold off on fighting them until the Epilogue, when you can start getting 700-800+ attack power weapons and Level 90 Mercenaries.
  7. I think a lot of wrestling game fans are feeling that way. The WWE games have been a creative glut for at least a decade now, and it's definitely time to try something new. Competition is good.
  8. Floors 31-40 on the Faraway Forest Maze can only accessed on Hard or Expert difficulties, and you cannot change difficulties while in the Maze - by extension, Blackhart has to be beaten on a difficulty level above normal.
  9. Correct. Floors 30+ can only be accessed on Hard difficulty or higher.
  10. You can beat him on Hard - it doesn't need to be on Expert. I haven't beaten him yet however, so I can't give you concrete strategies outside farming Levels 30+ for 500+ Attack power weapons - I have also heard that Blackhart is vulnerable to Freeze, but have not verified this myself.
  11. Yeah, mine has not popped either. I've also heard that legendary items that come equipped on legendary dwellers may not count towards these trophies. This information is unconfirmed though, so take it with a grain of salt.
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