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  1. Grenade - This might not count, but it can be first found in Pemberton. You want to go to the armory inside the police station, the grenades are on a desk. the first opportunity i found to get the grenades is at the ranger station in garawater, just after you pick up the rangers truck keys there are some grenades on the table (first play through following guide) in the same room...... hope this helps:)
  2. hi guys im online now and need the complete all wastelands trophy, im on extermination level at the min, add me up gimmee_trophys gmt+0
  3. loooooool never mind got it now =) maybe chaging difficulty did help cus that was unbeleivably easy this time! got it on my 2nd go
  4. found ghost toxin straight away lol thankyou, whats the pause trick u refer to? changing difficulty doesnt help sadly lol
  5. thanks =) ive already completed on nightmare so will just load previous save and try thankyou
  6. just 2 quick questions guys is 5 finger fillet easier to do on easy mode than it is on nnightmare or is it the same and does anyone know where to get the ingredients for the mind control darts?
  7. add me up guys gimmee_tropyhs need all online trophys, oline now, gmt =)
  8. ey guys add me up gimmee_trophys timezone gmt, looking to do a co-op on easy to get all trophys
  9. without spoiling anything to much>>>>> once you get to chapter 5 there will be a sub mission where you have to locate somebody>>>>> once that somebody talks to you in a room and blows chargers youl have to kill a load of baddies and then escape the room>>>>>. tis is where the glitch happened for me, i was running around for half an hour trying to find the way out but to no avail, the exxit is very blatent and on the top floor in plain sight, if you cant see what to do without looking to hard then you need to reset checkpoint and try again, this worked for me straight away
  10. just thought id let ya know guys so you dont waste a stupid ammount of time like i did that stamping on enemies one there dead does not count towards dismemberment trophies>>>> i didnt realise this till late in chapter 12 when i wandered why i hadnt got the trophy yet......... hope this helps
  11. in my opinion the shotgun is the best weapon to use, ive got an elctic atachment and the hammer (underneath) very effective at medium range and hammer suer effective at close =)
  12. i pre ordered mine and had it 3 days now, complain! u shud have had it today
  13. hey guys a ittl hint for the hand of god trophy, the trophy doesnt pop if the romanovs grab you and you wiggle out and melee them that way but it does pop if u kill one with melee then get caught by the other dont wiggle out (let him kill you) then kill another with melee after the checkpoint has loaded again =) hope that makes sese lol
  14. never in my life have i had so much problems with dlc constant crashing, constant glitches and to top it off the game aint even new! c'mon bethesda this should have been sorted out a very long time ago! i pltinumed fo3 on my old acc, got the goty version for my new account and im verrrrrry close to snapping the disk and trowing my ps3 out the bloody window!!!!!!! stupid goddamngame!!!!!!!
  15. i now officially hate this gamme< when i played the original version i had no problems with platinuming it but now on my new comp its froze 5 times to the point of no return and now im stuck on the friggin ship in the observation dck with no way out!!!!!!! grrrrrr
  16. so i get to the observation deck and sally starts looking at the world below us, i gve her a little push and she goes in the vent to open the door............ but never bloody opens it!! im stuck here now with the cowboy and the guy from operation anchorage! stupidly i went down in teleporter and came back up so now its aved like this! any ideas would be much apreciated. really dont wanna start the whole game over again! cant beleive how many glitches there are in this game to be honest to say its been out for so log these should have een sorted ages ago!
  17. hey all im looking to get the star 69 trophy, psn is leelee6969 time zone gmt and im online just about all the time lol, plz help =)
  18. yeh man deffo loads of players online as this game is bad ass =) i wouldnt go as far to say that mw2 is the best cod game, not by a long shot! if your looking for a easy veteran playthrough then sure go for this game but if your like me and want a challenge then you should deffo pick up w@w which in my opinion is the best by far.
  19. hi guys im looking to boost, avaliable almost any time of the day time zone is gmt =-) add up leelee6969
  20. excellent guide can finally get past 36% trophies lol
  21. how can u not pay that much attention to a game this good =) the crimson caravan lady does it all the time 2 lol
  22. lots of big ideas guys n gals, u should forward them to bethesda, u neva no
  23. see how many different ways yo can kill yourself =)
  24. maybe ur not going to the right entrance, i think there are 2 or 3, u need to find the door with the intercom at the side of it =)
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