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  1. Hey thank you buddy :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. No more boosting this. Thanks to those who helped.
  5. Hey thanks. I thought about taking a break after so many attempts in a single day, but I wanted to try once more. And I'm glad I did, cause attempt 6 was the one. I consider myself very lucky as I didn't experience any glitches or freezes during any of my NYMHC runs, something that worried me from various comments in this forum. The only thing I had to fight was my own nervousness especially during the last two chapters. At the very final section when I had to shoot the plane, I had to pause for a while as I kept missing the first couple of shots and I was about to panic. I'm glad that's over. One of the toughest trophies I have obtained but certainly not the hardest. Good luck to everyone else still trying.
  6. I can't believe the reasons that I've failed so far. And those are mostly not in-game reasons. Attempt 1: Mostly a test run, failed in Chapter 5 Part 1. I got downed with 0 ammo loaded in shotgun and while in Last Standing, Max couldn't fire any shots or reload. Served as a great reminer to reload before the magazine goes entirely empty in every gun. Attempt 2: Failed again in Chapter 5 Part 1. This time I got one shotted by a grenade. Learned to be more careful in sessions with grenades. Attempt 3: Failed in Chapter 7 at the very end with the rocket launcher. I had no idea what happened exactly, I was trying to shoot the rocket, but Max returned to cover, got out of cover then rolled away and the rocket killed. I swear I have no idea what the hell happened in this attempt, but it left me staring in the screen trying to calm myself so I would not break the controller and the screen. This would have ended in a failure anyway, because of... Attempt 4 & 5: Failed in Chapter 3 and Chapter 12... and it was because our house lost power for a single second. That's all it took, one second to lose everything. I didn't mind the 4th attempt as it was near the beginning and it was shortly after the 3rd one. But the 5th attempt hurt a lot. I was right about to get to the rooftop section at the end of the chapter. Only 2 chapters away and it was going perfect. Then bam, power goes off for one second and PS3 shuts down. It's times like this that I wish the PS consoles had a backup battery for shit like this.
  7. Very late thanks :D

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Very easy (when played on Normal or Easy mode) and enjoyable game that I recommend to fans of stealth games and choices-matter kind of games. The trophies were not hard at all and most could come naturally. So a 3/10 seems fair. As for the DLCs.. ugh. The trials are close to 8 or 9/10. Very luck based trophies. The two short campaign DLCs are again very easy (3/10) and fun to do.
  10. According to this video (NOT confirmed, but a source nonetheless that was also on Reddit) it is delayed so they can put games 2 and 3 on disc but also to polish the game so it will be better. I am all in for the delay, if it means we'll get a better game with no (or less) first day patches. Also games 2 and 3 requiring download beats the point of owning a physical copy, so good for them for delaying the game for that reason as well (if it's that reason). If I buy the disc version, I want all games to be there, not download an unnecessary 30GB worth of games that a disc should already have.
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