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    I do my science from scratch. No hand holding.
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    Software QA

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  1. Added tips from BigGordito and OmegaDenmad to the appropriate trophies. Thanks for the info guys.
  2. Ooooh, an s-tac to unlock. Now I can have an underpowered handgun AND annoy my teammates at the same time. My dreams have finally come true At least there's nothing ridiculous like get 5 multi-kills again.
  3. You'll probably have more luck if you post here: http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/gatling-gears/116511-co-op-partners-thread-read-first-post.html Otherwise the trophy is very easy to get with a second controller if you have one. See the trophy guide for details.
  4. Been a long time since I felt the need to post anything, but Woody, just wanted to say it's been fun man. You're one of the people I played BF3 with the most and I'm sad to see you leave. I'll definitely still be joining you when I see you online. Cheers friend
  5. Congrats on the staff position Fazt!

  6. Got sidetracked playing SSX, and the past couple days I've been getting my ass handed to me by Dark Souls. I'll be on Saturday for the GN though for sure and possibly tomorrow night.
  7. 1. The leaderboard has been there for months and has been reordered several times based on different categories 2. Complaining about something that takes effort to maintain when you're not the one maintaining it...Not cool
  8. No, I haven't noticed that. It's been working normally for me since the last patch. I haven't played for a couple days, so I guess it's possible a server update broke it, but I know last Saturday it was working for me. I really hope not, quick match sucks
  9. I used the LVG with no issues. Got 3 or 4 of the required kills with it. Was wondering about Buckshot but never tried it since spamming the grenades was working on canals.
  10. I might be in for the shared server idea. I'll have to see how it goes for the next few days. Not sure if I'm going to want to play BF3 enough over the next 3 months to justify the cost. I am planning to rent a server tonight and possibly Sunday so that we'll have our own for the game night tomorrow. Probably just going to run aftermath mostly, but I'm open to anything else you guys want too.
  11. I think it said pacific time, so still a couple hours left at least.
  12. =/= means not equal. In other words I was saying exactly what you did...
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