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  1. I voted for the 100-400 hours. Finally just got the platinum and my time was around 110 hours.
  2. Looking for someone who has a quest or on the quest for Lawans Kill List. It's my last collectible and both the church and Fish Eye glitched and I can't collect It. Edit: Nevermind, joined Co-op and was able to obtain the collectible
  3. I am looking for anyone who has To Kill or Not to Kill. I just want the collectible. PSN PapaSharts PS5 Please put In message To Kill or not to kill
  4. I'd like the 100 kill and 1000000 trophies. Send Invite with Dying Light 2 In message. PS5 only. PSN Papasharts I'll be on around 330 central time
  5. I remember when you wished ppl a happy bday

  6. Thanks to Powerpyx for the list https://www.powerpyx.com/returnal-trophy-list/
  7. - Happy New Year 2021, my friend!

    My best wishes that U'll get a good one!

  8. It Is. I like It, but at the same time I dont lol. It's really messed up my daily Birthday wishes to people.

  9. Site is so different now Arumat

  10. Thank you kind sir! Now where can I find the birthdays haha
  11. Couple questions. How do I get my Avatar and Sig back, and where are the birthdays located? Edit: well I see my sig, still no avatar tho.
  12. Happy Birthday!

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