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  1. If anyone is struggling with this like I was, you can find them at wave 6-10 in the crucible.
  2. Yeah, I thought so too at first. Then someone told me he didn't go there and then I tried two times on other accounts. Worked both times.
  3. You just have to go into the next round after getting the second epic reward and the oracle says the flame is reignited. Then it will pop in about 30 seconds after round start.
  4. I haven't been paying much attention to this DLC yet. Is the EE possible solo?
  5. Think they are coming out today. They didn't mention them in the patch notes and they always do when they are released.
  6. Someone just unlocked platinum. Doesn't look like a cheater either, so maybe it's finally fixed? EDIT: Seems it's not retroactive. People with over 25 guns prestiged are not unlocking the trophy, only people that hit 25 after todays patch.
  7. Trial by Ordeal In Dead of the Night, defeath the evil within Alchemical Opus In Dead of the Night, create Prima Materia 3 times Mega Bite In Dead of the Night, get bitten by a Crimson Nosferatu Board Gamer In Dead of the Night, kill a Werewolf in the Library with a revolver On the Clock In Dead of the Night, stay within the clock circle untile the time runs out Master Your Craft In Dead of the Night, use every crafting table Quick Thinking In Dead of the Night, unlock the Forest by round 7 Shockingly Good Time In Dead of the Night, electrocute a Werewolf Shrinking Feeling In Dead of the Night, shrink 15 zombies with a single shot from Alistair's Annihilator Well Done In Dead of the Night, stake a Nosferatu in the Dining Room No Blackout trophies even though 4 new characters missions are available
  8. Agree, I like it when item's are at set locations. These are all 100% at same location except the vials which sometimes won't drop/trade (In my experience). So many people land at Asylum and Cemetery but at least I don't have to loot 50 supply caches to find one stained t-shirt. I kinda got lucky and found blood vials while I was doing Nikolai's mission. Got the vials from a kill in the top 8 and just had to survive 3 more people.
  9. They changed some missions with the patch yesterday. The Mason mission is now top 4 in quads, don't know in duos or solos but probably top 8/15. You don't need reznov to unlock him neither. Also menendez requires 2 shotgun kills now. Not sure about reznov/woods.
  10. Exact opposite for me. Found the dog tags numerous times, but almost never found the stained t-shirt. Luckily today I got it twice and managed to unlock Mason on my second try.
  11. Personally think Mason is the worst. I played 5 hours only going for supply crates and didn't find his item once.
  12. They have now released the last 4 zombie character missions as well.
  13. Menendez item can be found in supply drops. Requires melee and shotgun kills. Woods: Win a match, be in a helicopter during the match(Someone said you have to jump out of helicopter and crash it)[ame] [/ame] Probably more locations for woods item though.
  14. Reznov, Mason, Woods and Menendez missions released. Nomad mission updated so it no longer requires specialists kills, all kills count
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