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  1. Still asking for more good partners for Rank 50 Boost PSN: MariDave I could do the time: GMT: 3pm to 8pm (CST: 9am to 2pm) CST: 10pm to 11:30pm Please add me. UPDATE: All boosting is done, thank you everyone that helped and played with me.
  2. PSN: MariDave Need a partner for rank boosting of challenge DLC on PS4 CST Time (GMT-6). I am able to play anytime weekday mornings and afternoons. Add me please.
  3. I just got this trophy. Thanks so much for this method to save a lot of efforts and time. Some tips for those who are trying to get this trophy. Build a good team, with a great ball dribbler in the mid field. I used Gotze and Schurrle. Get use to sprint dribble with change of direction and regular dribble. It is very manageable to pass all defenders and go into the box and shot. Get the first goal, defend, pass to keeper and wait for the whistle. My last game for the 6th win almost failed. Down by 2 in the half, defeated by the cheating through ball of NPCs. I was able to score back 3 goals in the second half and won 3-2 with Gotze and Schurrle.
  4. UPD: survived first wall of bones attack using bomb special arts and then serpent... just to get killed by 2nd wall of bones attack that boss performed at 20% health. UPD2: got him. I was spamming serpent to survive that attack (took around 225% - means 2 "swords" and a bit of third). Nah, he was the easiest boss and I spent less time on him than on any other boss xD I'll rate Ara between Okoi and Gonbe. He has proper slashdashes, and I like slashdashes He's not that weak in the end, he's just a bit different. That serpent makes the difference. Just spam serpent and slashdash out of there... repeat. Just finished the DLC in Fury, the last boss is hard towards the end. The bone wall could be easily avoid by moving all the way left and right with secret art of kunai. Just be careful to not staying in the middle of the map as soon as the boss transforms and fill up the gauge with amber magatama. Save as much as amber magatama to use during two times of bone wall and when the boss in red flame. BTW, I always feel that fury mode will ease up a lot if you level up you character to a higher level.
  5. I got mine just now. Re-do levels in this order 4, 1 & 2. Unlocked half way in level 2 at a place where bubbles are taken previously. I strongly believe this trophy need to unlock in one sitting.
  6. I have no idea why I can't pop the "The Power Of Green" trophy. Is there any green latern material hidden in the game? Or need to trigger each during one setting?
  7. Do you still have the backup in the cloud before you ace all levels? If yes, replace the game save through ps+ menu.
  8. Isn't that the requirement to unlock, "play with one or more players in one of the DLC level?" Looks like random is count as friends now.
  9. Have you found the last bubble? I played 10 times still couldn't find the last one.
  10. Got mine, but i am willing to help. So still send me a message if needed.
  11. I have the trophy already long time ago, just wondering if you remember anything and some more tips to help others.
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