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  1. Hey guys...did anyone have any issues for the final story trophy not unlocking? Finished the mission, watched the ending cutscenes, and nada. Tried reloading a few saves and it won’t pop. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Looking to help with all MP trophies. Do not think I have the patience for this one without some help. PSN: Skummy_Bear EST
  3. I'm not even sure what they were thinking here. I played two matches, and it felt like I was trying to just shoot in the general direction of the other players while trying to hold my own in a demon mosh pit. This is gonna be rough, and hats off to anyone who manages this legit.
  4. Seriously, I’m blown away. I’ve been playing this entire time with UHD turned on and all the black coloring in the game has looked atrocious. I just turned it off, and this seriously looks like a completely different game. If your having any issues, I hope this helps. It really is night and day difference.
  5. They seem to have a formula with this game. Anything related to Dutch seems to always move the story forward, and I keep avoiding his quests until there is nothing left on the map except his quest line. Everything has been smooth thus far. For me, it’s the damn fishing. JFC. I just spent about 15 minutes real time landing a 15lb catfish, only to realize I caught it with the wrong lure. I feel like I need to amputate my thumb.
  6. 83 hours for me. It really is tough resisting all those ? on the map. Had an absolute blast with this one.
  7. I was in the same boat. Closed the application, fired it up again, and the trophy popped while I was loading into the game.
  8. Looking for some help with two more co-op trophies. I’ve only been able to get into two games where there were actually three players. Willing to help with the rest. PSN: Skummy_Bear
  9. Looking for partners for sing the iron song, nightfall, raids, and challenge of the elders. PSN: Skummy_Bear
  10. Hey guys, So believe it or not, but I've been with Destiny since year one, and I have yet to run a raid. Looking for a clan to raid, run nightfalls, and I would love some partners for the challenge of the elders. Any help with some of the clan specific trophies would be great too. Thanks. PSN: Skummy_Bear Hunter Level 40 Light 342
  11. I haven't gotten the trophy yet, but there is a checklist in the accolade progress tab that will show you what you've completed or in progress. I'm not playing as a Klingon and the only one I'm missing is the stupid fireworks. (Just got it!) As far as the lore trophies are concerned, and anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, it seems like you will have to answer certain "trivia" questions about Star Trek lore. This really seems like it will be the most time consuming trophy. Commander Viala at the Starfleet Academy offers one question in a 24 hour cycle that rewards a piece of lore. Apparently there are 166 questions. I'm still kinda trying to figure it out, but I think some may be able to be bought from the market. Hopefully thats the case, and it doesn't really require logging in for 166 days to answer lore questions. This only applies to the path to 2409.
  12. @Drake Such a small trophy hunting world lol. Cappy and I just ran into each other on Risa Regarding the two trophies here, you need to rent the jet pack from the vendor inside the hut right near where you spawn. I used the checklist and map from true achievements (all credit to the author): Restful Resort Achievement in Star Trek Online You essentially need to use the jetpack to unlock certain accolades around the island. All of them were pretty easy to achieve, but there is one randomly generated event that has been a bit of a mystery to unlock. You need to watch a fireworks display near the resort, but Cappy and I have not been able to get the accolade to unlock. I've been running around here for a few hours, and I have only seen it happen once. If anyone has a sure method of getting this to trigger, I'd love to hear it. Hope this helps.
  13. Thanks a lot for saying this Pike! I couldn't agree with you more. I will say this is definitely a niche game. This game takes patience, and unfortunately not many people want to deal with that when they game. I was fortunate to buy it at half price (with a little hesitation), but looking back I would have picked it up at launch had I known how enjoyable it was going to be. I never for the life of me thought Uncharted would be sitting unopened, but I've played Battleborn exclusively (almost every night) since I've picked it up over a month ago.
  14. Still looking for a group to knock out the matchmaking trophy. Wouldn't mind a partner or two to run through hardcore. EST. PSN: Skummy_Bear
  15. Still looking for a group to knock out the matchmaking trophy with a full group. Wouldn't mind having a partner or two to tackle hardcore. PSN: Skummy_Bear
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