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  1. Hey! I need a partner with two controllers to compete the Who You Gonna Call trophy. I have a save from that mission. Add danteff7
  2. Add me Danteff7 Level name: Fast 75 co-op level I will return p4p too. Unfortunately lbp.me is down at the moment.
  3. Thanks mate. What was weird is I downloaded a different version of Dead Nation and it gave me the option of downloading the patch which had Road of Devastation with it.
  4. I was hoping that someone could help me. I have the dlc bought on my PS3 but everything I go to download it and install, it says it is for the Vita despite it clearly being for the PS3. I have tried over and over again
  5. I'm playing on the PS3 (after getting 100% on the PS4) so that should work right?
  6. Yeah I found this out. Thank you. It seems I am stuck on a UVHM playthrough but I was wondering if I could play with a new character on normal and play splitscreen with my level 50 character to get certain trophies a little easier (I have transferred data from PS4 to PS3). Would this work?
  7. Can you start a new game on normal or TVHM with your cross save character? If so, how?!
  8. FFXV Let me know if you get any response on your question, I am curious. did it work?



    1. dang1984


      Hi mate. I haven't had a response yet and don't want to try it until I do. Will keep you updated though.

  9. This is a very late reply but well done mate for getting it! I ended up having to complete the arena 3 times as it glitched but I posted a solid method method for each round about 5 years ago!
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