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  1. Can you adjust the sliders or edit player ratings in this NBA Live? I believe the last two didn't and that's one reason I never bought them. Thanks in advance.
  2. Just announced few days ago, Rock Band 4 will feature "Panama." There's also is a chance we'll see more of VH in a DLC later on, according to Entertainment Weekly, which announced the Van Halen song. I'm really excited about this now and wasn't going to pre-order until a great song/band, now I will. I hope the rest of the songs are great and I can't wait to see DLC come back again.
  3. I'm going to buy a new TV with my tax refund and I'm leaning towards 32" M-Series TV or a 39" E-Series TV, but I want to know which one is better for gaming. I have a PS3 & PS4 and I'd probably use the TV more for gaming and movies, so which one would be a better choice? I don't really care for the apps, but more for quality and sound.
  4. During their second Live show on Twitch a trophy popped up during the end of the show. I know there's work in progress but it's a first sign of a what a trophy could be. The trophy unlocked when they opened their third or four pack and that pack included a Diamond card, a Diamond bat. It would seem the trophy is for getting a Diamond card since there seems to be a diamond in the trophy. http://i.imgbox.com/LBIQZdbp.jpg
  5. Now, I keep the games but I would sell on eBay if I know I would get a good amount. Three to five years ago I traded some games to Gamestop, but it was a bad idea since I got back $0.45 for a few games and only $1 for Battlefield 2. They try to rip off buy selling you a game for $8 but if you traded it back you'll get no more than $1.50 for it.
  6. Is there an upgrade limit on upgrading your attributes in MyPlayer? I fully upgraded an attribute then I was able to add one upgrade to another attribute, but after that I wasn't able to upgrade any attribute anymore. Do I have to wait till the season is over or do I have to restart my career? My overall is at 83 and I didn't fully upgrade my scoring.
  7. So far it's fine with me, except when you add a player from another team, their picture changes to fit the teams scheme. For example, a pictured player will become a created player face, but it's still their face. Other than that, there's no other problems for me.
  8. Is there a video of the part of Game Warden where you have to drop the Navy Seals on the X. I've been playing this part over 20 times and when I get to the last X the mission fails and I was detected. I'm flying low staying away from RPGs and making sure I stay between the river, but every time I get close to the fourth X, I fail. Can anyone give me advice? Thanks.
  9. I have a session on Jan 22 at 10AM, PST and it's for all MP trophies.
  10. I just finished about two hours online and I didn't have any problems.
  11. Los Santo's Rock Radio and maybe sometimes talk radio
  12. I like the strips on the side of the road, realistic thunder & lighting, purchasable property, larger map, easier driving, a lot more activities and of course the graphics. There's so many I haven't gone to that will be on the list.
  13. I like the mountain area, but it's a close decision.
  14. I'm not surprised, but i didn't think it'll get close to a billion.
  15. I have a 160 slim and I've had no problem, I think it depends on what your playing it on, amount of time and how old the system is.
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