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  1. It's amazing that you have been active on the site this long. Congrats. What games are you working on?

  2. Need 5 online wins. Add me (dw1986). GMT 0
  3. Jumped up by 0.4% in the last few days. Planning to platinum Rime, God of War, Far Cry 5, Burnout Paradise and Rayman Legends in the next month or so which should push me over 75%.
  4. Looking to get all online trophies, feel free to add me (ID: dw1986). Please make sure to mention Burnout Paradise in your request otherwise it may be ignored.
  5. Have already got the trophy, but feel free to add me if you want to beat my score 30 times. PSN is dw1986, just mention Rayman Legends on the friend request.
  6. Currently 72.37%. Would like to get it to over 75% before I move onto any new games.
  7. I did this too, saw a "full sun" icon, but on the loading screen it said conditions were "dry". Maybe it actually has to be sunny for the trophy to count.
  8. I did something similar, completed the first rally then turned my PS4 off (thinking it had auto-saved) as I had to go out, only to turn it back on later and see that I had a DNF on the other 11 stages. In hindsight should've used rest mode. Not too devastated, there looks to be a LOT to do in this game, so should keep me occupied for 20 days
  9. 71.88%, grrrr. Only thing I hate about getting new games is that it pushes my % down. Should hopefully plat (or get as close as possible to plat) the following games in the coming months to bring it back up again: Horizon: Zero Dawn Dishonored 2 Stories: The Path of Destinies Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Project Cars Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Super Meat Boy (extremely doubtful) I want to get to at least 75% and stay there.
  10. Same here. I'm just trying to beat the game itself for now (on the fifth boss and have died well over 1000 times). Don't think I will even bother attempting to platinum this, trying to complete all levels without dying is just masochistic.
  11. I deliberately resisted Catwoman's advances and in the earlier chapters was trying to pursue a relationship with Vicki Vale (look how that turned out!!) That chick was pure evil, great plot twist and despite my initial incredulity it did make sense over time. Really looking forward to a second series, Joker almost certainly going to be centre stage, would like to see Bane/Riddler/Harley Quinn feature too.
  12. Working through a couple of older games at the moment Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - On sequence 5, working through this casually Alien Isolation - On mission 7 of a hard playthrough, very tense game but am enjoying it. Once those two are out of the way it's Dishonored 2.
  13. You completion thread will live on forever.

  14. I only need to A+ 4 more levels to get platinum. This is comfortably an 8/10. I've lost a little bit of my sanity playing this game, had a 6 to 8 month break and have come back to it.
  15. I got Bumpy Roads during the Monza Masters show on my 2nd season. Dirt Roads will probably take a bit longer, but then again I'm doing flat track races to boost online wins.
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