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  1. Just like the title says.. Let me explain. I just beat Drek and chose to "respawn" to right before defeating him. I flew to Orxon to get the "Hey, Over Here!" trophy, however since I've already beaten the level, none of the red forcefields are turned on. Do I need to chose to start a new game? Do my other skill points reset if I do that? Any help or info is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. http://patrickclange.com/img/lets_go_heat.gif It is just scary to think that D.Wade is the second best player on the team. And on a night when Lebron only scored three times (I believe he was 3 of 11), it was irrelevant. If this keeps going, the playoffs are gonna be a scary place for a lot for teams.
  3. Heat win their 17th straight, tying the season record (Clippers). Even Ray Allen had a dunk during the game..lol..
  4. Durant is the scoring champ for a reason, and that reason is because he can drain 3's, hit pull up jumpers, or drive to the basket on a whim. So it actually bothers me when players do stuff like that. Trust me, I am a die hard Miami Heat fan, and I was living when Lebron was flopping against the Knicks in the finals. The crap is unnecessary and gives the game a bad name in my opinion.
  5. I say it's cheap, period. What it says to me is, you can't win the game legit, so you're gonna use a cheap move to draw a foul and get to the line. Now, I more so blame the league for allowing it, cause what it is allowing is the idea that you can no longer defend someone up close, without the fear of getting some cheap foul against you. Translation, you play 2 feet back from Durant and he now has a free pull up jumper.
  6. $100 game price tag in the US = no day one buys for me. I'll wait the year and get the GOTY edition with all DLC for $39.99 instead. Let alone, if this trend of microtransactions and endless/expensive DLC continues, there's no chance the games would be worth $100 anyways.
  7. Wow, Miami wins 97-96, on a driving layup by Lebron, with 3.0 seconds left in the game.
  8. Didn't think it was a flagrant 2 until Reddick started laughing at Allen. At that point I took that as being intentional.
  9. I am currently online, hosting a ranked match. Please come and join me. Thanks!
  10. Jerry Buss, Los Angeles Lakers owner, dies at 80 - ESPN Los Angeles Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who presided over a team that won 10 NBA titles and showcased some of the biggest names in professional basketball, died Monday. He was 80.
  11. I have this game on the way from GameFly, so trying to arrange a co-op partner ahead of time. Obviously looking for at least the 5 online/co-op trophies, but am willing to help with anything else that I can. PSN: xX_shoemaker_Xx EST (US) Please put "Sniper Elite" in the subject. Thanks, and look forward to hearing from someone!
  12. I am online right now, and looking for a few people to jump into a ranked match and boost some kills. Send a friend request to: xX_shoemaker_Xx Put "Sniper" in the subject line. Thanks!
  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUyOg-vuLI8]LeBron James plays catch with fan - YouTube[/ame] Absolutely cracked up when James did this last night, and loved every minute of it. Like the announcers said, I'm glad the refs didn't call delay of game or whatever. People pay good money to come to games, and interactions like this prove (to me at least) that the players appreciate it and respect it. On a side note, if Miami plays like they did last night against the Clippers, heading into the playoffs, I have a very, VERY short list of teams that MIGHT be able to play with the Heat.
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