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  1. So I'm trying to decide whether or not to buy this, but I've already done a lot on the PS3. So I was wondering if the trophies would already be completed for the "PS4 version" that I already did on the PS3 version. Also would like to know if I could get the PS3's save over the PS4 version as well (and multiplayer stuff too).
  2. Happy birthday!:)

  3. Should really add to the Missable guide Jimmy's house's garage key. Also maybe some places where a save would be suggested. For instance: Before speaking to the Minister of Montreal (inside the cave), before entering Mr. Slave, and finally before going to fight Kenny. I know I'm forgetting to tell you to add something...
  4. It's L1 for regular controls, but for those of us that use the PS3 style controls, it's L2.
  5. Any level that is outside is your best bet. Just throw it down and hope people die. That's really all you can do.
  6. Thank Jebus you are not. You only have to complete 400, and you will get those easily on the way of trying to get all the attachments/abilities maxed.
  7. So for doing it yourself, all you have to do is get good at dodging fights with people (as in, dodging their bullets). Just run around a ton and hope that your buddy gets the kills. I'm currently at 157 with them. Still a ways to go. You can get usually at least 5 kills a game.
  8. Yeah. And the assholes did it without me. Guess they'll just have to die to my drone today.
  9. I didn't do the glitch. And I don't care that I don't have it currently, I care if I have to rebuy the upgrades again (since they are the most expensive...).
  10. This is rather depressing. I used my 100% save too...
  11. Same thing happened to me. I'm hoping that once I get to the 5th toolbox, I can pick it up and my upgrades that I bought will be correct.
  12. While Deadpool isn't Deathstroke, he was basically made from Deathstroke. He... kinda was ripped off of Deathstroke... From Deadpool's wikipedia:
  13. While playing through my Survivor + run, I finally found the 37th conversation that I apparently missed (I didn't). It was in the boy's room right before the high school when talking to Ellie. I think it might have had to do with me making a separate save file and everything needing to be on one save? Or the game could have just totally forgot about it, which is very possible. But I did finally get it.
  14. Hmm... apparently my conversation trophy didn't pop. And I know for a fact I hit all of them. This is depressing. Hopefully I can get it again on my Survivor + playthrough... Though my statistics say that I have 36 conversations. I'm pretty damn sure I've gotten all of them...
  15. Was worried there for a second. Got all the collectibles, even the gold trophy for it popped, but the artifact trophy didn't pop. Went back through my list and cross referenced it with the list on here and saw that somehow it didn't count Sam's Robot and No Pun Intended: Volume Two. Just loaded Chapter 9 up, looked at the artifacts and it popped. Yay. Was worried there. Now I just need to get the conversations this time around. Bleh.
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