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  1. SoR 3 is in the Mega Drive Collection.

  2. Please add Dreadnought & HiQ Ace. I don't get the impression you are actively keeping an eye on games that come out for free to update the thread.
  3. Anyone outside of the US managed to grab a PSN 10 dollar code?
  4. It's a grindy game for sure, but I wouldn't worry about the servers shutting down; Warframe is VERY popular.
  5. You should know you said the "My Loving" Trophy instead of "My Life"...
  6. Good God. They took so freaking long to release it in EU & they still f***ed it up.
  7. I doubt this is a glitch & don't think it's free for everyone either. If I remember correctly those tables were free for me & others as well after getting Castlestorm Complete Edition in the Plus games on PS3. The tables in ZP2 were unlocked because of this (I think it's included in that edition). Hence you get them in in Pinball FX 3 as well.
  8. You can now also add Pinball FX3 (free Sorcerer's Lair Table). Both EU & US
  9. I've got a THAT'S YOU! code up for trade (EU). Interested in both EU & US codes.
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