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    I practice bird law. It would be punctilious of you to assume I'm a door to door dictionary salesman

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  1. I'm back in as "Ur saying there's as chance?"
  2. Mostly recycled list. Typical EA BS. I hate the Madden devs so much. I'm may only rent it for the guide.
  3. Looking for a team for the awful dead ops trophies PSN: M-Easy
  4. Congrats on the what I'm sure is greatest season in league history. I don't think and krid had 20 consecutive wins during our magical 1 strike season. Or was it two?
  5. Thanks, I should have went to Vegas. Too bad I didn't pick for a couple weeks or I'd have a chance.
  6. Platinum 285 and Trophy #15,000 Death Stranding Plat 286 - Madden 21 PS4
  7. Congrats Crash. I'm pretty sure this was the most competitive year ever. It was fun.
  8. And Pittsburg shits the bed. Unless there's a defensive TD I'm screwed. All because I had to sleep
  9. Can't believe I started an injured player but still have a chance to win tomorrow if Pittsburgh defense puts up 5 points. Going for back to back super bowl appearances.
  10. IDK. That's a good question. It makes sense though to differentiate plats from the two systems. I agree both banners are ugly though. The other pictures SID took look way better.
  11. I followed you if that's ok

    1. M-Easy


      It's all good.

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