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  1. It took me just under 2 hours with skipping all text. I used roughdawg4's guide on ps3imports.
  2. I bought this game from a big psn sale last week. Couldn't find much info on it, so I decided to post some tips to get you going. 1. Set the match time to 30 seconds. Go to options and press R1 to go to more options. Match time is at the top. You can get all trophies with 30 second matches. 2. You can get the platinum with one account and one controller. When you start a match and choose your field, you get put into a mini arena where you have to grab the ball and throw it into a goal to pick your team. Pick a team with your main player/account. Hit the PS button and switch users. I used guest account and chose not to sign in. Pick your team. Do this three times. Switch back to your main account. Once you set this up, you won't have to do it again unless you quit the game. You'll have to switch two players once you get to "Punch Party". 3. If you don't score, the game will go into overtime. Some level specific trophies might require overtime, because items may not spawn during a 30 second match. If you're just going for match completions, I recommend scoring a goal or two and spending the rest of the match jumping and punching other players until you get all the trophies associated with those things. 4. The trophy for using 250 items can be accomplished by bouncing on the tire that's thrown out by the giant octopus in "Space Attack". Each bounce counts as an item used. The trophy for throwing a bomb at the crab goal referrs to the small, black, fishlike bombs that come swimmimg in, not the large spiked bombs. To find the buried treasure, you need to uncover the "X", score a goal, stand on top of the "X" until a crab throws and then have the bomb blow up. This is not a very good game and if you're playing it for the trophies, the entire game will feel like a grind. It's very easy since there aren't any opponents, but not fun at all. You can probably finish it in 4-5 hours if you stick with it.
  3. Really nice guide. I was missing panty pic 6 on the 1st page of the gallery and panty pic 32 on the last page after following the walkthrough. I thought I followed it exactly, but may have messed something up. I had to go back to episode 10, chapter 2. At "trick start", I pressed R1 to stare at those panties. It unlocked both photos I needed. I'm guessing the last photo was unlocked automatically once you found all other photos since it wasn't a panty pic.
  4. I had three trophies glitch on me while playing. Both "danger swimmer" and "mermaid" glitched. I swam for over 10 minutes in the recommended spots trying to earn each of these. I deleted and reinstalled the game and both trophies popped within seconds of swimming in each type of water. The trophy for finishing level 3, "breakdown", also glitched. I replayed the level where it was supposed to unlock multiple times. I also deleted and reinstalled the game. It didn't unlock. I had to delete the game and save data and replay the game. This time it popped when it was supposed to. I did skip the cutscene the first time I played. Not sure if that's what caused the glitch, but I recommend not skipping cutscenes where trophies are supposed to be awarded.
  5. It took me a little over 10 hours. It can be done in around 6 hours if you're organized. I ended up doing a lot of unnecessary backtracking. To make the platinum faster, I recommend the following. 1. Play through the first 12 levels without worrying about collectibles or trophies. Just speed run them to get all three powers which are needed to access some collectibles. Feel free to pick up purple gems or smash boxes, but don't go too far out of the way to get them. 2. Use a collectibles guide once you reach the 4th main area of the game. You'll have all the powers you need to get all the collectibles. Make sure to smash all gem boxes you see and get the level specific trophies along the way. You'll need 5,000 purple gems to max out your health for a trophy and you'll need to smash 500 gem boxes for another trophy. You should get these easily by the time you finish playing if you're actively collecting. Replaying levels causes the boxes to respawn, so you can't miss these trophies. 3. Replay the first 12 levels to get all collectibles and grab the other misc. trophies. The trophies are all pretty easy to get. I recommend using a guide for the collectibles as some are very hard to find. The collectibles save if you die, but you can't quit the level once you have the collectible. You have to play to the next level start to be able to fast travel, so backtracking to get a missed collectible can be a pain. 4. Grab all collectibles in the starting area with the big tree. Wasn't a great game, but it's an easy plat. The checkpoints are generous and you can skip most enemies. Use the speed boost and the double jump + attack to navigate more difficult areas. Hope this helps.
  6. My game crashes every time I pause the game, causing my progress to reset.
  7. I was following the walkthrough and when I tried to quit to make a backup save, the game crashed and corrupted my save data. I had to start a new game from the beginning. I played up to the point where I was before and when I quit, it crashed again. I tried quitting the game in other places during the story with the same result. Any time I quit, the game would crash, corrupting my save file. To get the platinum, I had to do 2 complete playthroughs. May not happen for you. If you want to follow the walkthrough and use a backup save, try quitting the game once you have control of your character in chapter 1. If it doesn't crash, you're probably ok to follow the guide.
  8. Need some help with the multiplayer trophies. I'm available most days during the week. Happy to give serums, weapons, plans, etc in exchange.
  9. Need to boost the mp trophies. Available most days anytime.
  10. Looking for a partner to run through the entire story. I'm available most weekdays anytime. UPDATE: I got the platinum. I'm no longer looking for partners. Also, I recommend playing through the entire game even though you get the platinum before the game ends. If you quit after the platinum, you'll miss out on the best part.
  11. I like the gunplay and the vertical element to fights. I also like the customization options for the different javelins. Other than that, everything else is pretty garbage. I'm not mad, just disappointed.
  12. I had found 63 runes on my own through careful exploration. I referred to the video in hopes of getting the ones I missed. After going to every location in the video, I was at 74/80. I remember finding a bunch from the video on my own, but some that I hadn't found were not there. I also collected about 15+ runes that were not in the video. Most were from the caves you enter. Some people have posted that creating a new character will cause the runes and misplaced writings to respawn. I tried this several ways, but couldn't get it to work. EDIT: I was creating new javelins not new characters. For those who don't know, you can create a new character from the start screen. When you first load the game, before pressing any buttons, look at the bottom right of your screen. You should see the option to make or switch characters. Once I made a new character and played through a few story missions (you have to do the quest to discover runes before you can collect them in free roam), all of the runes and missing documents had respawned. Collecting them again does add to your total. This method earned me the trophy.
  13. I just received this game through Gamefly. Looking for a partner to run through the entire story. I'm available most weekdays anytime.
  14. You can power level using the belt buckle exploit or farming kills in mission 6, but when you reach level 50, you'll still need a bunch of money to acquire the other online trophies. Your best bet is to use a combination of methods to get to 50. Hunt/fish, replay missions, gang hideouts, stranger missions and horse races help to break up the grind.
  15. I used a few different methods to level up including the Chapter 6 xp farm and the belt buckle exploit. After getting to level 50, I was still short on money. I wasn't able to buy the stable and camp upgrades or the other items needed to acquire all of the online trophies. I also did a fair amount of stranger missions and hunting to make money. Using the the xp tricks are fine, but if you're only after the trophies, you'll still need to make a lot more money once you reach level 50. Hopefully with the adjustment to the economy they made today, it won't be such a grind. Hope this helps.
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