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  1. Cheers buddy! New web design. Still I am a mess finding stuffs here lol...

  2. Hey! so Injustice 3 'soon'? lol... cant wait! Sorry for the long response. I'm not as active here as before, take care buddy!

  3. Hey! yeah! one trophy per day streak is still ongoing... over 1,400 days now lol... things here are different, I can't play ps4 anymore, i just pop1-2 easy trophies to keep the streak daily but that's all i can do... new job, new dutties, tbh i need to return to the gaming soon but not sure when... NFL is back baby! excited? Go Chiefs! it's gonna be a wild season!

  4. Take it easy then dude, everything will fit with the time, enjoy life and enjoy your family, God bless always my friend!

  5. Huge thanks V! Yay!!

  6. Cheers dude! Thx!

  7. Hey sir! I hope everything goes pretty well over there!

  8. Hey!, has been ages indeed! all good around just gaming a bit less lately... mobile games have my free time now lol... can't wait for LToU2... hope all is well buddy, blessings :headbang:

  9. Have a wonderful year sir! Happy Holidays!

  10. Thank you sir! =)

  11. Many thanks V! =)

  12. Thanks dude! =)

  13. jajaja que bien que te gusta la comida mexicana! te mando un saludo y pasatela chingon! (seguro conoces esa palabra! jaja)

  14. Que bien! Disfruta mucho tu nuevo viaje y mucho éxito! Tambien hablas ruso? O vas a aprender alla?

  15. Hey!, very busy month/year T, lemme try to fix that TG in a few days, anyway you are free to do it if you wish =)

  16. Como estas amigo! todo bien aqui, que cuenta España? te mando un abrazo y espero te vaya de maravilla!

  17. My GOTY is Gow of War (2018) just by a little over RDR2. Both are a truly masterpieces. and my Most Anticipated Game of 2019 should be Days Gone Merry Christmas!
  18. Merry Christmas sir... enjoy and blessings!

  19. The Beta is literally unplayable to me... i got kicked out every 10-15 minutes, loading the game again takes forever and then playing for only tiny periods of time is useless... I hope they can release the official mode pretty soon. Glitches? not much, just horses running without moving their legs, they seems like they are levitating. And some textures losing their quality here and there is not a big deal. My character without speaking a single word is annoying! just moving the head up and down, left to right?? pfff...
  20. Well, thankfully DS3 is a way shorter than DS2 which is a plus to me because I didn't finish the 2nd cuz of that, I felt it took forever and I spent like 20-30 hours on it. Now, after reading all this reviews I must say I could wait a bit more to grab it.
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