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    Current Trophy Goals Include going back and working on all the trophies i can from past games i play

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  1. As the title say do I think there add season 4 onto this game or end it with season 3. I’d personally like to see season 4 come it would give me reason to come back to this game.
  2. Hi I'm trying to get the toast trophy along with max level and 20 games played. I am currently online playing. Psn:bldagl
  3. I’m wanting to knock out online before servers go down I’ll be updating now. Psn: bldagl
  4. No matter what I push on the controller I can’t get the items needed for the good ending it was so much more easier on pc.
  5. As title says is the play still obtainable if you already have the unobtainable trophies?
  6. Thinking on starting this game but don’t want to if the online isn’t doable
  7. think this has been patched i left launch ps4 one v 1.03 and pro on 1.04 and on the pro its not working.
  8. I can confirm as of May 1st this still works.
  9. is the platinum to this game still possible now that destiny 2 is out now? i decided to revisit this game liking it better for some reason and wanting to get that shiny plat.
  10. Just picked this game up off ps now and looking for online trophies would like to get them done quick cause of 2k’s track record of shutting down mp so short
  11. Decided to pick this up for my ps4 and looking to finish all the online trophies Psn bldagl
  12. I ran into this and it’s eatting up at me cause I like 100% on this game https://youtu.be/K1RF5x66QVk
  13. as title says did they keep this feature or remove it in the ps4 version?
  14. Getting ready to hop back into this game looking to knock out mp trophies. Psn bldagl
  15. looking for extinction mode and safeguard trophies psn:bldagl
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