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  1. 4/10, Nothing really jumps out, but you have a good completion rate, and you don't completely shy away from harder games.
  2. Shinobi X... 7/10 You have some pretty good platinums and 100%s, MK9, Megaman 10, Blazblue, Catherine, DR2 and Killzone 2 really popped out to me. Try to finish off Twisted Metal and P4: Arena for a big boost in score.
  3. @Tosmasta00... 8/10 Your best plats would be WKC1 & 2, Cross Edge, NGS2, BFBC1 and F.E.A.R 2, a very good list, try to 100% the Gundemonium Recollection games and SO4 for a higher score.
  4. I just completed "Yotta Difficult" along with the previous levels with SS rank, no trophy popped. This game is easily 10/10, the amount of times I've died on those 3 columns near the end of Yotta due to stress is uncountable, it makes all the other stages before it look easy. I will be trying to SS rank all the stages again because i truly do love the game, and it is worth playing regardless of how difficult the trophies are.
  5. Cetra.. 7/10 The Silent Hill 2, Mortal Kombat and Star Ocean 4 plats are very impressive, with those games completed you could probably easily beat some other ultra rare games.
  6. I'm up for trying to get this trophy, i'm online most of the time, so it should be easy to catch me. PSN ID: Orphioon Timezone: GST 8+
  7. I need all the online trophies for this game, i should be online most of the time, and should easily be able to get into boosting sessions. PSN ID: Orphioon Timezone: GST +8
  8. I'm looking to boost all the trophies in this game, i am online most of the time so it should be easy to catch me. PSN ID: Orphioon GMT + 8
  9. przemo017.. 6/10 Your most notable platinum trophy is probably WipEout HD, but that may be wrong since there are several platinums on the list i am unfamiliar with. Consider trying to platinum Gran Turismo 5 for a 1-2 point boost.
  10. I'm looking to boost all of the online trophies for this game, it should take no more then a day to complete. PSN: Orphioon
  11. You can also count me in. I'm free most of the day, so you shouldn't have to worry about time. PSN ID: Orphioon
  12. PSN: Orphioon. I'm mainly looking for friends for the Four Gods treasure, but i will also do the 10wins with you if you don't have it yet (i have already obtained the 10win treasure).
  13. cbchaos67... 5/10 Nothing really stood out, with the exception of GTA4, Resistance 2 and CoD: WAW. Complete that Gran Turismo platinum and that would boost your score at least by several points.
  14. VeeT1... 9/10 While not platinums, you have 100% in all those Rockin' Android games AND Hard Corps.. AND Sine Mora.. And for your platinum trophies, your best are probably the Ninja Gaiden games, P4A, GTA4, GT5, Unreal Tournament 3, SF4, SSF4, WipEout HD and the Blazblue games. And i just realized you ALSO have the 100% of the Capcom Arcade Collection, that's insane, not only do you have a almost perfect completion, you also love those hard trophies.
  15. El_MoscardoPT.. 6/10 Your most impressive Platinum trophies are Sonic Unleashed and WipEout HD. If you finish up on the GTA4 and GT5 platinum it would bump up your mark by several points.
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