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  1. Trying to shave 1 second off license S7 is doing my head in... I like having the ghost of my previous run on (set 0.4sec ahead) but when I catch up to it I get all excited and try to race it and lose concentration haha its a vicious circle.
  2. Anybody had an issue with the first melee pit you come across? When I try to start this my screen stays black but with background sound. I can select the training then I select the light attack and when I confirm screen just goes black? I'm on ps5. **So it turns out you cant be wearing any legacy outfits or weapons, once i had equipped the base game items, it worked fine** Thread can be closed.
  3. You'll get them after leaving the first island, just keep doing story missions.
  4. Its a free to play version so its very limited. To me its just a glorified demo and nothing more. Its actual release date is sometime in november 🤷‍♂️
  5. I just got my 100% today after only playing 3 games, very very easy trophies. Shame its just a glorified demo.
  6. Ah right, might just hold off haveing a run on the PS5 version then, My PS4 game is 100% complete, just fancied another trophy run on the PS5. Cheers Terminator!
  7. Are all trophies now obtainable on the ps5 version if I start a new character? Ive heard that buying the eridium decors is glitched. Judging by the amount of trophies I cant get by uploading my PS4 level 65 save its better to start a new one.
  8. You should be able to use your save file just fine.
  9. Can also confirm the 5 playthroughs needed
  10. Just got this done, my hardest times were the Jeep section & the last battle where you have to dodge the falling crate, mustve been killed around 20 plus times before I got a bit of luck. Thank god thats over.
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