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  1. If you check-in, just know you are missed.

  2. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday...hope that you have a fantastic day!

  3. It's been awhile since I hope into one of your chats. Hope you guys are still enjoying your gaming.

  4. King of Speed was genuinely pissing me off last night. Only managed it by two seconds today using the top-most route in the stage. I've seen videos already of 30ish second runs, so kudos to anyone who can get Drop Dashing to consistently work. That's where the time saving is.
  5. So has anyone actually popped Professional Hedgehog as Super Sonic, because it certainly isn't working for me Only other thought is I have Tails tagging along doing Tails stuff (generally making me laugh). So maybe I'll just run through as solo-sonic on another file and see if that matters. Edit: Turns out you just have to make sure you quit to the menu and not use the restart option when pausing. Tails doesn't matter, Super Sonic is A-Okay. Oh, and I dunno about the taking shield damage thing since I avoided them, but you can't activate super sonic with a shield. So don't pick up the early shield if you're using SS.
  6. Good old dunkey, always 10/10 for the laughs. Been pretty damn hard avoiding spoilers for the past week while my amazon delivery was 7 days late.... But I managed to put 6 hours into the game today and can safely say I've been loving every second. Even if the majority of those seconds have been pretty aimless (by choice). I dunno if the difficulty mellows out, but you definitely get one shot a lot and chew through weapons like paper early on. Actually makes me wonder if I should just follow the main progression path forward until I figure out some more stuff and get some more durable gear. Performance is pretty rough around the edges on Wii U. Can definitely see where the graphics aren't very sharp, there's some pretty noticeable pop-in in the open fields, and the frame rate chugs pretty hard in towns or when there's some heavy action. None of it is game breaking so far. Anything that would be is "everything just exploded anyway" territory. Load times are surprisingly good. I can't side by side it on the switch or anything, and I'm sure there's anaylsis out already anyway. So far, seems like Wii U is a perfectly adequate way to enjoy the game though. The art style still shines through. My number one complaint would have to be the placement of jump and sprint just being awkward as crap. I swapped to my pro controller just because I find myself going in and out of claw grip pretty often to use both.
  7. Highly recommend if you intend to play coop. One of the best coop and zombie games out there.
  8. Fucking done with Last Stand. 50 wins felt like it took far longer than it did. Some of the worst PvP I've played in any game ever. It's no wonder they shower you with a ridiculous number of caches for playing. Balance is a joke with only like 3 viable builds, people can heal through somewhere around every bullet ever made, lag is the rule not an exception, and the games janky ass controls either eat inputs or get you stuck on shit constantly because it was never meant to played at this kind of pace. There's a load time on respawing the majority of the time too. Doubling or tripling the actual respawn timer. Fantastic. At least I wound up getting a fully pimped out Deadeye build complete with a near-god-roll First Wave M1A. Should make finishing up the underground and maybe trying some excursions enjoyable.
  9. It'd be nice to have a few rounds again! No, but I do play (or run around aimlessly on) Warframe occasionally.


    I only have BF4 and Hardline. I've not played Hardline yet but I've seen bad reports. Hope all is well with uni etc!

  10. Definitely been a while.


    Fike, Luke, Mike, and I hop onto battlefield sometimes. We've also been playing Titanfall 2 and Overwatch if you've got either of those.

  11. Hey man, long time no speak! You still playing BF? I'm back online occasionally if you fancy a game.

  12. It was pretty good. Not happy about having to download some app to watch the rest though.

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