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  1. The servers for Siege, like every Ubisoft, are fucking terrible. The matchmaking takes forever and I've been having an issue where I've finished like 8 rounds now and the game refuses to progress my level. I've played for probably 3 hours now and none of my progress has been tracked. It's been really fucking annoying because I've had a couple 6-7k rounds that went to overtime that I would've liked to be credited for.
  2. PSN: mattybell2117 Eastern timezone. Just looking to find someone to idle through the 3 hours. Ps4 version
  3. Does anyone know if the save file from the digital version is compatible with the physical version?
  4. I've been playing for a couple weeks and every couple days or so I try to find a PvP lobby for at least 20 minutes. I still haven't been able to get into a single game. Really starting to get annoying because I don't think it's just a lack of players.
  5. Hey, So I just started playing this game a couple weeks ago and I'm really liking it. I'm only level 27 but it's because I've been exploring the map so much, probably logged 40-50 in the last 2 weeks mainly just looking around and enjoying the views. I've started to take a look at the trophy list and what's concerning me is the PvP related trophies. I'm unable to find a PvP match in this game. Currently I've been waiting 8 minutes and I've found 2 people... This is after waiting 12 minutes and finding 3/8 people. Are there lobbies that fill up quicker than others? It's a Saturday afternoon, would be really disappointed if the PvP is dead for this game already since I've been enjoying it so much. Any tips for getting into PvP matches more frequently?
  6. If anyone wants to join me I'll probably be running some of the add on episode story missions so I can complete those pursuits. The pursuits are worth 15 ego each and I have a bunch of scrip that I can spend on boosts for whoever's in the group. Just figured I'd see if anyone wanted to run some of these side mission type things for ego.
  7. My game isn't holding steady at whatever fps they have this game locked at. I've seen it drop to a snail's pace twice now and I'm only like 3 hours in. Not a big deal but I figured when I reach the more chaotic fights later in the game I might have some issues.
  8. Does anyone know if you have to stay in the same club for the Lifer trophy? I joined an open club online but I don't actually know the other club members. I don't want to get close to 1000 miles and get kicked from the club and have to start all over again.
  9. Depends where you live. My options right now seem to be T80- $120 T300 RS- $450 Neither of those appeal to me. If I could get a quality wheel that worked for both consoles for $150 I'd consider it because I play enough racing games that it'd be worth it. What I do know is that I'm not going to shell out $450 for damn peripheral. Talk about financial hardships for the company, no shit. How big do these companies think the racing wheel peripheral market is? What would happen is that I'd buy the $120 model, hate it, and either go through the hassle of trying to return it after opening it or it'll sit in my closet and never get used again like the ps move/and both ps cameras. A wheel is something I've been looking at for awhile now but it takes up quite a bit of room and unless you're a diehard GT/Driveclub/whatever player, switching your setup around every time you want to play another game just isn't worth it.
  10. I'm trying to recreate a local course I work at but I'm having issues with the rough. I added in my bunkers and all that but there's a large space between some bunkers and the green. I'd like to replace that space with rough opposed to fairway but every time I go to "add to rough" I press X but nothing ever happens. It's really killing this course creation tool for me because it just appears that the game can't add rough or something. I'm clicking add rough, the game pauses for a second like it's trying to make a change, then nothing happens. Any advice? It also kinda sucks that you can't build a course from scratch, having to delete all this shit is annoying.
  11. This is fucked. Every time I complete the first hole on a user course I crash. I crashed just starting the game up multiple times. This is ridiculous. The error is CE-34878-0. I can't complete a single hole anymore, wtf? Edit: Seems to only happen on the Par 7 custom uploaded courses. All 3 of them error out for me after I finish a hole. Maybe it's because I get a -6 on the hole and that just messes with the game and causes a crash. Hope someone else uploads a par 7 course.
  12. So have all 5 dlcs that have been released been free then? I really want the steelbook edition of the game but it's UK only. I'd prefer not to have to buy a UK season pass as well since I'm already paying extra to import the steelbook version.
  13. I need to complete an online race on the ps4, add me.
  14. I'm having the same issue. Going into my second season (after playing WRC2 in my first season), I signed with Abu Dhabi but didn't get the trophy. Any recommendations?
  15. Does anyone know if there is a New Game+ mode for Inquisition? It's kind of a make or break feature for me and I'm looking to pick it up later today.
  16. I'm only getting lvl 24 runes or epic runs and I can't seem to figure out why. I think I might be missing the "exploit a hate or fear" because my level 20 warchief doesn't have a fear. He has a weakness to combat finishers so I kill him only using combat finishers but that doesn't seem to work. Is it possible that I have a warchief who is impossible to exploit a fear or hate from? EDIT: I've killed a different warchief with all the requirements for a level 25 rune to drop about 8 times and all I can get are epics. I don't have any death threats issued, and definitely don't have one issued on the warchief I'm killing, and I can't get anything but epic runes to drop. wtf?
  17. Has anyone tried to play the new localized version of this game on the pstv? I'm interested in both the pstv and the game but I don't know if I really want to play the game for 30h+ on the vita and I don't know if I want a pstv if I can't play physical vita games using a ps3 or ps4 controller.
  18. First of all I think you're being unreasonable when you say daily bashings. They're weekly at most. Second of all, you've never been a member on our site, let alone being premium or restricted. I'd say probably 50% of the site is unaccessible unless you're premium. You know nothing about the site yet still manage to be hypocritical in process. You say that imports was built around account sharing, which it was not. It was built around sharing/borrowing physical games with one another. This is exactly what Krid did yet you're supporting him, because he's not on imports. It's funny because it's not really the core members that talk shit about ps3t. We've all moved long past these THL related quarrels. It's all the new members talking about ps3t because once your staff gives them the boot from THL, they seem to naturally gravitate to imports because there's so many of the high level trophy hunters on there. Bottom line, most of the unhappy members on imports are newer guys that this staff has recently banned. I'm not saying they're not great members or anything but they're not the majority and they're not the people that founded the site. The fact that people seem to think the majority of our members actually care about ps3t or THL competitions anymore is laughable. The only difference is we insulted and disliked the ps3t staff publicly while they insulted and disliked us in private chats.
  19. I have an issue with the Pyromaniac challenge. The very first lamp location in inaccessible to me. There's debris blocking my path or something, I'm unable to climb up over the wall so I can drop into that room. Any ideas?
  20. I just finished Act 2 but didn't get the trophy for all act 2 quests. The act did the ending timer and I'm not in act 3. Is it possible to miss quests and if so how can I tell which ones I've missed?
  21. I don't even know where to start. I guess since I've basically played every mission 4 or 5 times now just because of the glitches, I can start with Siwa Oasis. This mission is beyond glitched, easily played through it 10+ times and still haven't been able to get the Investigate the German Supply Caches to unlock properly. I've visited the supply caches multiple times each playthrough and it never works. This is after I had to replay it at least 3 or 4 times on authentic because I kept running into a glitch where the I would immediately fail as soon as I climbed the scaffolding due to the game thinking I alerted the officer. I hadn't even made it out of the cutscene, there was no way for me to alert the officer. This mission is unbelievably fucked.
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