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    Avionics engineer, aeronautical. Currently in the Royal Air Force!
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    Avionics/electronics whizz for the queen

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

    1. mikem192


      Hope you had a good Christmas and new year! 

  2. Voted a 3. Should be a 2.5 really but the learning curve at the start pumped it up to a 3 for me. Some battles and missions just seemed impossible until I got that dreadnaught and pretty much became invincible. Awesome game
  3. 51 hours. What a great game! Hit those pirate loads and sieges early on and had them finished before the last mission
  4. With the sieges. It doesn’t work/count when the ship is on the way to to siege location. Once it’s been to the location and is on its way out you can get the kill and it will count so if you want to get an easier kill and intercept the siege craft away from the others, make sure it’s already been to the location
  5. Thanks for the guide, I used it to get started but overall I don’t think it’s required. It’ll be a nice booster and probably a good opportunity to learn the game though! How the astroid locations work etc
  6. Not sure if they updated the game or I just got lucky but I nailed my 20 before the final mission. Most of the time I’d have two-three on the bounce. As soon as I destroyed one, another spawned. If it didn’t, a siege ship would and again I’d kill them until another spawned. I never got more than 3 though. I never had to grind for this
  7. Great guide for a little gem of a game! Thanks
  8. I have kept my eye on this but I’m still pretty suspicious about it being glitched. I still think it’s user error but I’ll do some research before I update the guide
  9. Lol can’t please everyone with a free game eh? It’s a great game IMO, did three play throughs happily it did lack some stuff but the combat wasn’t one of them
  10. Thanks for the confirmation! I’ll amend the guide for chapter select instead of save load for the PS5 version!
  11. Looks like they used the 4 barrel attachment which doesn’t count, but I’ll double check with them before I update! Thanks for letting me know :)
  12. The 40k people that have used it without issue say otherwise 🤭 You’ve basically taken my method, added photos and claimed it as your own. Sad
  13. All of the above is detailed in the guide so i don't understand the point to this post 🤷‍♂️
  14. I have added that thread into the guide, i have also done a touch up and revamp on the sam's story DLC section too
  15. Hey dude can i use this in the guide? As long as it definitely works?
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