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  1. Anyone want to co-op my psn is ScarReaper83
  2. Anyone want to co-op my psn is ScarReaper83
  3. I need help with the 3km and 50km in a crew trophies Psn:ScarReaper83
  4. Can anyone help me from 72 to level 80 in bl2.. Or anyone that wants to co-op in either bl2 or the pre sequel I'm down for whichever Psn: ScarReaper83
  5. Looking help for bounty and leveling posse. I just started the game and I'm only on rank 8 and rank 2 bounty Psn:ScarReaper83
  6. I need help with casino heist and I will help with any other trophies anyone needs help with ScarReaper83
  7. I've been looking for combat shotgun plans for days and need help finding or if someone could sale or trade me 1 Psn: ScarReaper83
  8. I need co-op buddy to help with missions, killing random enemies. I will help anyone with anything Psn ScarReaper83
  9. I just started and just looking to co-op but will help with trophies. I'm only level 3 any help u will appreciate thank you Psn: ScarReaper83
  10. Did you get both trophies to pop after the 5 accolades was put on your profile?
  11. Ok I was hoping it wasn't bugged because I only have 3 accolades
  12. I've changed all of default to something else but the trophy didn't pop. Anyone know if I have to have all 5 accolades for this or not?
  13. Anyone that wants to co-op I'm level 16 and I do story, side missions or whatever just add me my psn is ScarReaper83
  14. I need help with all online trophies ScarReaper83
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