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  1. PSN ID: kyorml007 Trophy Log Religion: Aztec Intelligence : 15,602 - A 15,603 - R 15,604 - T 15,605 - E 15,606 - M 15,607 - I 16,608 - S Trickster: Child of Light Remaining for water.
  2. PSN ID: kyorml007 Religion: Aztec Trophy Log Tributes: Leader: 15,555 Intelligence: 15,526 - R 15,554 - A Trickster: ACA The King Of Fighters 98 Remaining trophies for flood
  3. Well, looks like I'm gonna have to bring up the guns.... And by guns I'm talking about Powgi games, as I literally have zero games with quick trophies other than those.
  4. PSN ID: kyorml007 Trophy Log Team: Aztec Tribute: Intelligence: Odin: 15,508, 15,509, 15,510, 15,512 Love: 15,499 Trickster: Samurai Shodown
  5. PSN ID: kyorml007 Trophy Log Team: Aztec Tribute: Amenhotep #15,507 - O R2: 166/175
  6. Good to know, I don't want to loose that coop trophy
  7. Question, a trophy earned for a tribute before Amenhotep appeared can be submitted after he is gone... Or the trophy is lost? Also, a letter before Amenhotep can be used for spelling after Amenhotep is gone?
  8. PSN ID: kyorml007 Religion: Aztec Trophy Log Vowels for Amenhotep: 15,503 - A 15,504 - O 15,506 - A Trickster: Tavis Strikes Back: No More Heroes Alan Wake Remastered Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Catherine Full Body V: 9/175
  9. Daaaaaaaamn... I was almost done with Loki.... There is always next time I suppose.
  10. PSN ID: kyorml007 Team: Aztec Tribute: Hunt: I present the gods, more animals: 15,489 15,491 15,492 15,493 War I present some trophies (literally and figuratively): 15,486 15,488 15,497 75,498 Trophy Log
  11. PSN ID: kyorml007 Team: Aztec Tribute: hunt I present ti the gods, a cow. 15,485 Trophy Log V: Idk why, but I'm legit losing my mind over "a cow".
  12. Well, I was thinking om bombing also my completion percentage... Even more, but we can see what else we can do. I have 3 a couple of plats quite close to completion too.
  13. Well, in my case I was using games I already had in my profile so I didn't break (more) my completion rate. But seeing the next event.... And I didn't want to use the picture as I had to search for the boxes, thankfully I found them rather quickly.
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