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  1. Depending on if you have the retail or digital version, use one of the following methods : https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/67810-guide-how-to-get-100-digital-games/ https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/64971-fixed-in-v106-guide-getting-platinum-after-the-v105-fiasco/
  2. The servers are closing on April 28th, 2022: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/hyper-scape/news-updates/37U6BBTVWevDWEZHY48x3g/the-future-of-hyper-scape This turd didn't even manage to last 2 years, before being canned and going out with a faint whimper.
  3. Thank you, I was just going to post that . UPDATE: Added to the Upcoming section: Hyper Scape Added to the Region Specific section: Silence (Asia)
  4. The online stuff has been removed but you need the DLC for the Plat, because there's a single trophy that requires you to finish the DLC to get it.
  5. Unfortunately, the Platinum is still unobtainable because the December Update broke 3 other trophies : All about the Conquest Valiant Jouster Blood and Sand
  6. UPDATE: REMOVED: Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC (Both stacks)
  7. Ditto. I bought it at full price, right at launch but then 2-3 weeks later, it went on sale for half off - now it's free .
  8. UPDATE: REMOVED: Jack 'n' Hat (PS4) (Both stacks) Added to the PS4 section: Brunch Club (Both stacks) - I've also added to these to the non-syncing section because there's also a non-syncing element as to why the list are so broken. Smite Added to the non-syncing section: Brunch Club (Both stacks) The Enigma Machine Removed from the non-syncing section: Risk System
  9. I believe the servers are P2P so can't be shutdown . UPDATE: UPDATED: Neversong REMOVED: Smite
  10. The Arkham: Origins servers are utter dog shit and about as reliable as the weather but they are still up. All the devs took down back in the day, was the ability to link your WB account and unlock an exclusive Batsuit but that's it, the servers are still up.
  11. Banner by Velvet. Use this thread for constructive feedback, discuss better strategies or state missing info in the Guide for Summertime Madness. Feel free to tag the author if you have any questions. Link to Guide Author: @Velvet
  12. UPDATE: Removed from the non-syncing lists section: My Friend Peppa Pig (EU) (PS5) My Friend Peppa Pig (NA) (PS5)
  13. This is a 2-3min Plat that's marginally more involved than The Pig D but is still a or 1.1/10.
  14. The PS5 version has had issues with the Golden Keys since it came out but there's nothing you can do about it except email Gearbox Customer support and request they manually add them to your account .
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