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    My primary focus is to help people and write as many Trophy Guides and Roadmaps ^_^
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    I'm unemployed at the current moment. T_T

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  1. Indeed, those walkers run, are more aggressive, can pick things up, might retained intelligence from their past life, can climb, might be able to grab or throw you. Who knows? This just dumb. They also turn faster than a normal walker originally turns. As for Alicia, i not sure if she was bitten by one of these variants or whatever they're going to be called. It great that Madison is still alive and all for the timeline. But the fans want answers on Rick Grimes. All this time past and nothing.
  2. I don't like where this show went with their Walkers. If you don't understand, you have to go back and watch Season 1 then finish watching World Beyond because all that goes together. The movies will be interesting though since Walkers are more of a threat again. I just want to know where the hell is Rick at what is the current timeline. Has to be around 12+ years since the outbreak but I'm so lost with things now.
  3. Very interesting. Seems like the devs fixed the problems though from the thread you linked.
  4. Titanfall 2 is compromised by hackers atm. I made a thread. 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Been fixed. Was forced crashing thing but they released a hotfix or patch

    3. Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Hiding Topics is deleting threads right? :)

    4. Terminator


      Mods can still see hidden threads but normal users can't :).

  5. I'm doing alright. Admittedly, I haven't played any PS4 games in nearly 2 years since moving to PC. Don't really have any plans to get a PS5 until next year or maybe 2023. I do occasionally come back and check on the site. I can never forget this place. It's still home and family.
  6. If I ever did write a guide on the template main site. Will it save so i can come back and edit it whenever? And can others see it or know a guide is in the works? Been thinking about writing a guide from Steam but PS input controls. 

    1. Terminator


      1: There is a manual save button but no auto save.

      2: No, this system is entirely hidden from the outside world so no-ones anyone is working on a Guide until the day it gets approved and Slamma posts the feedback thread in the respective forum.

      3: If you're importing a Guide from another Platform, please see Step 0 in the Guide Writer's Handbook :)


    2. Terminator
  7. Feel free. I gave up the boards months ago when messaged. Sorry for my absence. I might not be back really until around late 2022 or even 23. Still working on things.
  8. No prob It's not really a typo. I did mention indirectly that all your weapons were upgraded hence the spam the magic and in what order. Fire>Lightning>Wind which is what I want people to do here rather than using their weapon to melee fight. But to clear the confusion for further use, I'll just omit the sentence.
  9. Main problem is all shows somewhat go together. Even World Beyond has info that the Main Show no longer has but it up the the viewers and fans to continue watching. Honestly, I think most forget about Characters or previous events that happened. Seeing this new trailer for example brings a lot of unanswered ???s
  10. Including that too. I haven't been keeping up with anything VR related for months.
  11. I'm resigning the board, sorry for a lack of updates. I pretty much moved to PC gaming for the time being. ATM, I visit the site from time to time. Not how I used to in the past. Might return next year when things go to normal and all. Sorry for not keeping things up to date.
  12. Hey Blaze you still here? Are you still updating the PS4 Leaderboard or do you need any help with it? I tried PMing you but apparently I can't haha.. 

    1. Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Hi, I like to resign. Thank you for reaching out, but I'm just not around here that much anymore. I visit time to time here and there. Thank you. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been training hard for Apex Legends PC and I hardly touched my PS4 in months other than watching movies. 


      Appreciate you for messaging me and sorry for those that I failed to update. 

  13. The Ps4 100%and Plat Leaderboard have 2 new posts from me.

    Somehow the bottom is number and it's not correct. 

    I gave you the totals on each post.  Had to do 2 because the color of the font changed somehow.  Thanks.

    1. Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Sorry for the late reply and lack of updates but I resigned the leaderboard. Someone will take over soon. I've been very busy lately. I'll revisit the site every now and then but I'm hardly active anymore until I purchase a PS5 next year. Hope all is well, sorry again. 

  14. I wish I knew more about her and I still remember her name, I Bleed Green. Sad to hear the news. RIP Lindsay 💓💓💓
  15. I haven't been keeping up with PS5, but any rumors of a Pro or whatever PS5 version coming? That would be the one I would invest in. Right now, I'll be saving up some money towards both a PS5 and a Gaming Monitor that supports HDMI 2.1. 😃

    1. Terminator


      Not yet but going by what has happened with every Playstation since the first one, you can expect a Slim model within 2-3 years of the original launch.

    2. Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Blaze Naruto Shippuden

      Yeah, I think I might avoid the slim version. Last time I got a slim, the pro version released and I found out that had better wifi, recording, better youtube upload. Could have made some income trophy guide writing from a PS5 Pro no lie. lol


      I did finish my pc build, was trouble shooting somethings that took longer that usually. 

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