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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Didn't intend to mean it like that. What I meant was there are already so many sub-forums. To potentially add onto that is just to add onto more clicking and searching to get to what you want. If it is 100% necessary to create a new sub-forum, why not something with like general graphics, whether it be requests, discussion, or otherwise.
  3. Don't necessarily think a whole new sub-forum dedicated to both SotM and SFMotM is needed. There is already too much going in that forum, so to move SotM and SFMotM away from the main forum is not going to do them any good. And to be clear, I am not going against the idea just because "that's the way it has always been." Just my opinion though.
  4. Followed those in the thread At least the IG's that worked anyways IG: pozadoza
  5. Basically. GRYFFINDOR TRAITS [*]Bravery [*]Nerve [*]Chivalry [*]Courage [*]Daring [*]Strength of Will [*]Justice [*]Honour [*]Courtesy[/List] I'll take it
  6. I wish I was able to play games by release date, but sadly I don't. It kind of puts me on edge when I think about it. I don't know why, but it just doesn't seem right to me if I start a game series on the third game in, then go back to play the first two. Wish I had enough funds to fuel my horrible OCD, too busy spending it on TUITION
  7. Thanks and you too. That was so close :)

  8. Good work on the Scav Hunt dude!

  9. We'll lose at 2450 surely. Good fight, 's got it. We almost had it haha, great work everyone. Was a good last minute turn around, but the spark just wasn't enough
  10. First team only Hopefully can at least get up to the 2000's before we lose to
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