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  1. Happy Birthday...hope that you have a fantastic day!

  2. Happy Birthday! :drunk:

  3. Pleased to hear it man. Give them all my love

  4. I'm right as rain, whatever that means. All is well here. Girls are great. The little girl is getting better at using a Dualshock 4 and playing Knack. A very important milestone I say. Son is 4 months and constantly babbling incoherently, possibly possessed, or just 4 months old. Trying to plan our October wedding in Maui. Busy times.

  5. Sweet Sonny Jesus. How are you man, been so damn long. You alright man?

  6. How's life, gangsta?

  7. Do you have Spectre Armor (not Spectral) and Cactus Armor? Not certain they are required, but I didn't notice either mentioned in the guide unless I missed them. Update - I was having trouble getting my trophy to pop as well. After putting on and off all my armors and various helmets that I could think of I finally tried the goggles, diving helmet, and wizard's hat. One of those three seemed to have gotten it to pop, unless there's just a lengthy delay before something triggers that trophy. I'd try the other various non-set helmets (ancients, empty bucket, viking) and robes just in case if you have trouble still.
  8. Hey man. No, I dont call anywhere home now, Im kind of gone from the scene these days. Hope you and your girls are well :)

  9. What's the word, gangsta? Is this where you live again now?


    Hope all is well, my friend!

  10. Ah well that would explain that then lol Definitely switch it back on though, I think the last time we chatted was before you went to Disneyland :eek:

  11. I've been using Trillian to just log me into all my chat programs at once now, but apparently I've had Skype set to offline for a long time now in it. Almost everyone I talk to only uses Google or Facebook it seems. Guess I need to switch that one back on. :D

  12. Hey! I tried catching you on Skype a few times over the past few weeks but I can never seem to find you. You still using it, or do you have a different chat program?

  13. Going to have another run at Wanted, likely playing NOOSE over time. I can't say I'll be on every night to boost, but if anyone wants to add someone who can jump in and help in a session from time to time, please add me with a GTA message. Thanks! PSN - WeakerYouth Time Zone - Central (UTC−06:00)
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