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    I'm a good guy
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  1. Anyone got cards they don't need I will take them
  2. I had the secret armoury glitch as I had all of Marcus's missions open so moved to playthrough no 2. Did all the missions one after another but I haven't been given lost lewts from Scooter. Any fixes for this please as its the only mission left?
  3. 38 hours 22 minutes to complete ps3 version
  4. I had issues with it and then completed it but no trophy but read on Youtube that if you get hit you have to go back to the main menu and don't hit restart level.
  5. 3/10 for me with a guide as it can be hard finding the guns and survivors.
  6. Wished I had looked at the video sooner as I was already on my 3rd playthrough before noticing it.
  7. looking to boost the online - Scotland time zone and its the store version
  8. I put 16 -20 hours as didn't boost the trophies
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