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  1. +4 Blue Reflection: Second Light Nobody Saves the World (PS5) The Caligula Effect 2 The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki I really think Falcom should have stopped the trails series at trails into reverie (best of trails IMO). Or better reboot/continue the series of Tokoyo Xanadu. Now they are just completely milking it. The whole battle system, story and everything all feel apart. I have similar complaint towards the new atelier installment. JRPG should not head into the direction of easy/hand holding/casual mode, if we wanted that, we got AC and a bunch of those. P.S. they even got rid of fishing this time . Between Caligula 2 and tLoH:kiseki I vote Caligula2 to be the better one 😅.
  2. Two questions: has anyone played lego star wars and how much RPG is it? Since tribes of midgard is psn plus free now, I looked into the game. Seems it's RPG enough(also listed as RPG on both wiki and metacritics- Could be added?
  3. +14 Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream Babylon's Fall (PS4) Babylon's Fall (PS5) Death's Door (PS4) Death's Door (PS5) Elden Ring (PS4) Elden Ring (PS5) Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Hades (PS4 NA) Hades (PS5) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PS4) Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PS5) I need to correct the statement I made last time about Elden Ring. It is not the best RPG in history. It is THE best open world and the BEST game in human history 🤩
  4. Apparently people been plat it all in 4 days so it's baby mode plat hahaha. Seriously devs should make the plat match the game difficulty level . Meanwhile I am taking my time slow and enjoying the view.
  5. Elden ring is beyond words. dozens hours in still in the second area. The game is beyond words. Although I am only 10% in the game maybe I know this is the best RPG in human history. P.S. where is lab?
  6. I'd like to recommend a game that's currently on sale, named Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands. It's $1.99 now. Best dollar I spent. It's apparently a Zelda-like game made by a single person. It reminds me how much I miss the zelda like games on PS. The last memorable one was probably 3D heroes. Although I am not even remotely interested in switch, I do enjoy zelda and hope there could be more clones on PS. Anyone know some good zelda like games on PS? P.S. it's Zelda clone but it's very much role playing at the same time. I would rate the platinum difficulty 4. Definitely worth the time.
  7. That's why I am still waiting for their fixing all the bugs. I am going to go for the PS5 version someday soon. I would definitely use anything that's there to help me lower the amount of grinding. Heard that they still plan to do some big updates early next year. Blizzard has been long gone. The company was "dead" to me once they released Starcraft II. There is still tiny hope for diablo IV but it's probably just mediocre if it's ever released. P.S. at least two people plat it legitimately already, heard it's 400hr grind now offline. Maybe it will be down to 200hrs next year once they release 8 player patch on the condition that they don't fix the dupe glitch.
  8. +28 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Alphadia Genesis (PS4) Alphadia Genesis (PS5) Alphadia Genesis 2 (PS4) Alphadia Genesis 2 (PS5) Cat Quest (NA) Cat Quest (AS) Cat Quest II (NA) Cat Quest II (AS) Cat Quest II (JP) Empire of Angels IV (PS4 NA) Empire of Angels IV (PS5 AS) Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Haven (PS4) Haven (PS5) Light Fairytale: Episode 1 Light Fairytale: Episode 2 Lost Judgment (PS5) Maneater (PS4) Maneater (PS5) Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5) One Piece: World Seeker Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth (PS4 AS) Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth (PS5) Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands Xuan Yuan Sword VII (AS) Xuan Yuan Sword VII (EU) Xuan Yuan Sword VII (NA)
  9. Nah. Lab is the king not me. plus I am about to play cat quests so no I'm NOT saying we should limit 15hrs Edit: About autopops since it's brought up again: it's different than short easy plats. The games themselves are fine RPGs. It's like collecting real world oil paintings no matter what price you got them they are master oil paintings. Same logic goes if someone uses in game cheats or tricks to get the plat it still counts. If it's free then it's free for everyone. I myself will not play ps4 version over ps5 for the fact that the experience is inferior. Back to 5min. I don't have problem with the short time. I simply question the nature of the game. There is no way they can be RPGs. How can role playing be done in 2 min? (how can doodles be seen as master oil paintings? They gotta prove real hard). This is how I see it.
  10. I think it came up once. Since I just purchased this one from one the BF deals, I will follow this. I am good with adding this title but I have not played it yet. This one has autopop trophies and I made a rule for myself "only backward autopops allowed". So no worries.. P.S. I also take back what I said about Diablo2 platinum. It dropped to 250hrs platinum and probably an 7 or 8 now. No more Hastune miku collections as gifts haha. For the 5 min easy platinums, I am also strongly against adding those. For me anything less than 15hrs don't qualify for RPGs haha (not against adding them). 5min nonono...
  11. Although I am not entirely sure how much GotG counts as RPG I am glad to see it's added. I enjoyed that game. The devs could have made a GotY quality game if they had enough time/money/resources. The first few chapters were just awesome.
  12. I never played the original well since it's Nintendo.. haha and I had very low expectations since it's made by SE lol.. I don't know there is anime. But the story is much better than I thought. Button smashing is also kinda fun. I am definitely going to play the next one. This game deserves to be made into a AAA title.
  13. +3 NEO: The World Ends with You Tales of Arise (PS5) Tales of Arise (PS4) Neo: TWEWY is a pleasant surprise. Definitely THE best game this year for me.
  14. This one is a no-go. LoL I would give whoever achieves the platinum my collection of Hastune Miku 🤣
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