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  1. Still desperate for the Exo Survivor trophy, if someone could help me out that would be brilliant and would give me platinum. Shedrick85 GMT
  2. Yeah I get that, I just want to finish and trade it towards a psn card for Taken King, I always want everything yesterday as Im pretty impatient. This trophy seems like its a 10/15 min one as opposed to a big long one thats why thought have more luck with it.
  3. Been playing COD for a few days trying to Platinum it and I asked for help with Riot map twice in co-op partner thread and not one person has offered any sort of help. Back on the PS3 I would have to turn people down as there would be loads of people willing to help me out but yet nothing now? Do people just finish stuff and get rid of the games or dont they check for people needing a hand anymore? Its a strange one.
  4. Looking for someone later on tonight or tomorrow to run me through the bonus round please. I should only need this one for Platinum and would love to get it soon. Will help with another game if anyone needs help in return. Shedrick85 GMT
  5. Shedrick85 GMT can be online mostly anytime Looking for any help with all Exo Trophies please.
  6. Looking for people to let me in to do the new Raid. Im level 30 and a half and have some decent guns and a great understanding of the game, just havent tried the new Raid yet so would appreciate any help. Usually on at nighttime. Shedrick85 GMT Have mic PS4 Add me
  7. Needing some players to take me under their wings to do Raids. Im level 29 3/4 and have done a couple of Raids and know what Im doing. Just add me up Shedrick85, GMT, have mic and on most evenings, on tonight after half 9 and have others to help if needed
  8. Shedrick85 GMT Play everyday on and off Looking for people to do Raids with, show me the hidden chests on them and give me advice on how to make the Raids easier. Thanks
  9. Looking to boost for the ender trophies, the rail one and any other of the harder ones please PSN ID Shedrick85 Timezone GMT Mic Yes I cant really help with anything back as I havent a clue what Im doing in the game, my daughter plays it and I would love the platinum. I think I maybe have a chest still full of cobblestone if that helps anyone?
  10. Fully ungraded the goalkeeper for New York Red Bulls and simmed 2 full careers and then 5 years into a 3rd and new been offer a manager job, what am I doing wrong and has anyone a sure fire way of getting this?
  11. Big thanks to Eight_C for their help getting me a Platinum in a game I am terrible at, people that help with getting nothing in return should get awards! Cheers
  12. Eight_c that will explain why you havent helped me or accepted me lol. Really desperate just to finish this game, need the end trophies and thats me, if anyone fancies helping me I would really appreciate it and Id owe you one
  13. Add me for the 2 online trophies, on right now for next couple of hours, Shedrick85 Thanks to misterugly we got both trophies last night, cheers
  14. Thanks to RCN886 for the help earlier, only needing Return to Sender, Into Fire, The End? and The End. Would love some help and would help with any other game I had in return Shedrick85 and Im GMT
  15. Shedrick85 and Shreko2010 both got platinum so no need to help thanks anyway
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