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  1. This guide is no good. Pussycat Dolls-Beep is not available on ps4
  2. Parking attendant was disappearing when people reached Company Man level 8. Is this fixed yet?
  3. eally easy make sure you are on smackdown ignore tom and go to the match card for week 1, and 2. Just cut a promo for these 2 weeks. On week 3 you will see one of the usos as you exit the parking area. There side quest is to win your match and then put your opponent through the announce table. Accept the side quest and go straight to match card and do another promo, as the side quest will not start until week 4. On week 4 go to tom and start the match, just remember not to break the announce table until the match has ended and you have activated the break out. Then just repeat the process over until achievement unlocks. Will be quicker as it is a 1 week side quest and no matches apart from the side quest itself and ppv.
  4. Incorrect. Universe mode does not count towards this. I counted 56 matches with different male wrestlers & no trophy. I then played and counted 50 matches in single play & trophy popped. Knock opponent over each time, leave the ring, grab baseball bat from under left side of ring & hit opponent for a DQ. This is quicker as you don't have to win the match
  5. The songs that you've listed for the "Singstar Quality" trophy are not available for PS4 Singstar. Please edit
  6. This guide is no good for PS4 version. Best song for high scoring trophies is stated as "Beep" by the Pussycat Dolls. This song is not yet available for the PS4 version. Also, manually changing the date for specific date trophies doesn't work on PS4. These techniques should be tested by the author rather than just uploaded to the website
  7. I got my Hall of fame trophy through the 3 year loss streak. Just quit every match for 3 years to result in an instant loss. Trophy popped without selecting the retire option
  8. You have to purchase the accelerator from PSN. Not really helpful to those who play legit
  9. Hall of Fame trophy objectives seem to include a 3 year losing streak on NXT. WTF
  10. If the trophies are important to you...earn them instead of looking for a short cut
  11. hey man...

    we have a club for ps3trophies.org to boost these... ive got 300 ratings in a week, heres the page to the club... http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/singstar/152813-new-club-boost-1000-ratings-april-2012-a.html... basically everyone in the club creates 20 new accounts in a week and rates everyones media that is needed... and everyone does the same... looks like it could take only 10 weeks to get this.

  12. I can't even play this level. Downloaded off PS Store but it doesn't appear on the mission select
  13. No good. Looked everywhere on this level. No sign of the Walther WA 2000
  14. Where the hell is the Walther WA 2000 Sniper Rifle? I can't find it anywhere in the game
  15. Impressive time. Any chance u could share a strategy?
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