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  1. Probably not coming back but I'm starting to play games that aren't multiplayer only again... brings back memories. I was looking at the PSN store the other day and that massive sale they have on made me want to buy so many games T_T. No more time for gaming like I used to these days but hope everyone here is doing well.
  2. Soul series of games aren't hard =\ especially to platinum. They just have amazing customization and game mechanics and PvP is really fun.
  3. Depends on how good DS3 is I am currently Lv 675 in BO3 so we'll see how far I'll get... plus there are 3 more DLC packs incoming... I'm sure I'll hit Lv1000 at some point it just won't be as quick due to DS3 hitting in 3 weeks.
  4. I'm coming back when DS3 hits NA on April 12th... I am booking a week off work to just go ham on this game I think I'm finally getting sick of Black Ops 3 lol
  5. You've passed me on the overall points LB now right? Next task if getting #1 on this LB
  6. How have I not been overtaken already =\ I haven't trophy hunted in months.
  7. Bruhhhhhh, IDK if I'm coming back to as soon as I thought. BO3 is so addicting! All the classes are so much fun to use. If you like shooters you should play this... Just look at how fun doing stuff like this is to ppl: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECtYNzTwHgM[/ame]
  8. It won't be that rare. We share the list with Korea/JPN and they love and are very good at DJMax. So for the few who bought it that are registered on PSNP/PSNTL... I'd bet they'll complete it. I've played DJMax Trilogy on PC and the amount of Asian region people playing the game online was unreal... but their skill level was even more incredible.
  9. Was suppose to be my 18k trophy but no time to practice. Yeah, Taiko is actually the game I plan on playing this weekend (I should have a 3 day weekend coming up). I am going to make it my 300th plat over IA.
  10. I should be back soon, hopefully in November. I plan on taking a break from work. I've been clocked on my work skype 24/7 helping train a bunch of new classes (hence why I haven't been online in over 2 months?). All I do is play Fifa matches once in a while inbetween.
  11. I might come back in late November... dunno... DS3 doesn't release til late March/early April so... hopefully I'll clean up my backlog. I've dropped 51 spots on PSNP's LB, lmao. But I won't be playing at the same rate as I was before.
  12. Dunno if I'll ever return to same level of trophy hunting I did before... Into DS2 and FIFA 16 way too much. By the time that hype train dies down DS3 will be out. I'll still play a game here and there but I really don't care about completing games in a rush or going for URs all the time anymore.
  13. Leave for a month and come back to see the same arguments circling around again.
  14. Here is a playlist I made 3 starring every level in Adventure Mode (And getting misc trophies along the way, like level specific ones) and doing all the Classic Mode trophies. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp-CPFoV40wvF_EMNvnKj9_CfPqgs7RhI Hope it'll help some people platinum this awesome game
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