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    Travelling to new countries, cities.
    Formula 1
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  1. PSN: Martz4040 https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Martz4040/log 10,795-10,797 (REY) 10,800-10,805 (BIANCA) 10,806-10,809 (DREW)
  2. He will if he keeps paying out £12 for games like Lily Princess.
  3. Krid, you still need to submit
  4. PSN: Martz4040 https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Martz4040/log 10,783-10,787 (ASUKA) 10,789-10,794 (AUSTIN)
  5. I like the idea of a Platinum Dash. I'm just not interested in this game. Hopefully we have more of these in the future.
  6. PSN: Martz4040 https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Martz4040/log 10,730-10,733 (BRET) 10,735-10,738 (CENA) 10,739-10,742 (EDGE) 10,744-10,750 (TRIPLEH) 10,752-10,758 (BATISTA) 10,763 (UNDERTAKER) 10,764-10,768 (VINCE) 10,776-10,782 (SHEAMUS) Entering with +8 (so far).
  7. All those Dennis owners displaying minus points for the week is a thing of beauty. Im only one point behind DLM now and he has a -4 transfer hit this week too.
  8. I try not to sound bothered any more, but we're less than 24 hours to go and still no fixtures added to the sheet.
  9. I can't see in the rules how you want the submissions, can they be PSNP trophy log numbers, or do we need to wait for PST to update and submit PST trophy log numbers?
  10. No hits, transferring Son out for Bruno Fernandes and giving him captaincy has been a huge differential.
  11. Crap, sorry... I planned to do this Saturday night but I got stuck at work.
  12. Log - https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Martz4040/log Trophies #10726, 10727 10728 Party Screenshot 13 things about me 1. I'm going to be a Dad for the first time soon. 2. Every week, I will draw a random country and find a recipe from that country to cook. 3. Last month I watched the Harry Potter films and then went to see the Cursed Child in the theatre. 4. I am currently going through the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films. 5. My favourite drink is pepsi max. 6. I love everything to do with the NFL and I'm a season ticket holder for the London games. I'm writing this while watching an NFL playoff game. 7. I've visited 30+ countries. 8. I've sided with samsung over iphone, my tv is also samsung. 9. I asked my partner to tell me a random fact about me and she said she didn't know who I am. 10. My favourite colour is purple. 11. The album I listened to the most last year was Tom Grennan's. 12. I bought a house last year. 13. I've had lots of training on how to drive to the highest standards.
  13. Graphics team could certainly have some fun with this with ring entrances.
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