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  1. I just reloaded my game, sat in the menu for a bit and nothing. Did the event again getting the score and just letting the timer ran out and popped first try! Thank you guys
  2. OK I'll try that later and report back.
  3. I've now gotten over 30k in two events and even shows on the high score yet the trophy hasn't popped (PS5) Also just noticed I haven't got the trophy for unlocking all the throwdown events so I guess that latest patch didn't help really. Any words of wisdom?
  4. You still boosting? Tried to add you but your name won't show up
  5. Just need to boost kill 20 rogue agents. UK time zone Psn kill-mc-mildred
  6. Just looking to finish clan raid and a raid on hard if anyone else to putting together a group please add me up! PSN Kill-MC-Mildred
  7. Really wanna get this game finished after years of being 1 off. Need help completing a hard raid and I'm willing to help with flawless 😁
  8. Title says it. Just wondered if it's even possible to boost. Disarming 5 bombs is going to be a pain in the arse as most people just try wipe the team in every mode :/
  9. Doubt it bud, still waiting for them to patch Doom!!
  10. Would anyone mind duping me some end game gear? Looking for a gellfire and any decent assault rifle, thanks! PSN - Kill-MC-Mildred
  11. Yeah this is doin my head in too! As well as the laggy aiming, which I’ve just read has been fixed on PC so hopefully not long on PS. Haven’t noticed anything about footsteps but I’ve just come from playing bloodborne and they are waaayyy over the top!
  12. It seems that you haven't been on for several weeks...hope that everything is going well with you and that you have a Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day...

  13. I can confirm this. It happened to me!
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