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  1. LOL. Xbox One is over with and everybody know it.. I been looking thur the Youtube comments between the two systems and it seem that the PS4 is winning.. I'm getting both anyways..
  2. Happy Birthday Big-Boy! :cool:

  3. Hi, i was looking at your CODMW3 Boosting post, add me, im Don_Chipotle , i also need boosting with most of the survival and missions

  4. I need all the online trophies for this game. Not the DLC the reuglar ones. Add: PSN: cheibaby.. I have a mic and mostly be on at night
  5. So, this is only for a router right? I did this before the same way on a router but this time I got an DSL modern and its not working. Also, for number 4. "Select the operation mode. You can just let your PS3 do this automatically, so select "Auto-Detect" it doesn't say that for when you go wireless. Only "automatically" comes up...
  6. No. That's no where near stealth. If you can't see what in front of you in a game thats called invisible. I understand where you coming from and I respect your view and all.. but for the most part this is dumb. Would people want to play COD if one side of the team is invisible or on BF3 ?
  7. It's the game my friend. I can't see shit in front of me when they are invisble. I had one dude on the killcam look at me for awhile 1min while I was camping. Yeah, it's that damn bad!
  8. No, there are not two completely things like the post said above me. They both use the same chip for wifi and wireless. So, that mean if one is not working the other will not either.
  9. I need some help with the trophy "And They'll Tell Two Friends" "Played in a co-op game with either an employee of Gearbox or someone who had this trophy" PSN:Cheibaby
  10. I pre-order my copy at Gamestop a few months ago. My new problem is that I might not be getting it anytime soon after it comes out. I don't know how long Gamestop can hold my pre-order copy for? So, I might have to buy it another time brand new hopefully. What will I be missing out on if I don't get the pre-order copy of the game? Someone told me, Nuketown zombies was the only thing.
  11. I have not played the game yet or plan on anytime soon. This game look like trash all the way around. I have seen over ten Youtube vidoes of MOH: WF and I must say it looks boring. Now wait everybody.. I know what you thinking.. " He's a COD fanboy" , "You haven't tried the game yet.." and ETC.. So, yeah you might as well call me what you want. This game seem like another copy of the 2010 MOH which was decent, but nothing speical at all! I'm not a hater or anything like that, but I seen way better games than this for the price of $50. Another shooter that tried to stand with COD and failed.
  12. Gamestop got this game for $20 new. I wanna get it really bad cause KZ2 was the shit! But if the online dying already.. that means in a few months it will be completely dead.. What should I do? I wanna get the plat, cause KZ2 f**** me twice on it's plat.
  13. No. COD BO was the last for me. I haven't seen nothing change since MW2 and I'm not gonna keep buying something with the same gameplay and engine from years ago.. But c'mon.. I think we all been saying that for a while now and always seem to buy it later -_-
  14. True. I guess I should of had put that in a better way.. But yeah, for anybody posting after this post just tell me your opinion on it tho. I know it really base on me and my life style, but I just wanted to hear other people thoughts on this..
  15. I'm thinking about going to the Army hopefully. I been thinking about going since I was in my freshman year in high school. I want to know, if this would be a good choice or not in you guys eyes? Edit: Sorry, just tell me your opinions on this. How do you look at the army or what's your experince if you got any with the Army.
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