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  1. What i did is back up my save and then used the book of reincarnation, popped all the mystic arts trophies i needed and didnt care to use like for me was the axe and kusari-gama then redownloaded my save. If you're planning to use said weapons then i would advise using different axes with different names. If you haven't used a particular axe it will give you lots of points as you use it.
  2. Im mostly a low stance user, but when i can counter i do it. Hanzo is full of crap and hes actually much worse on ng+. What i like to do is make him rush me with the sword and i counter him. Then follow up with my punish and repeat.
  3. Mine for some reason william will stop for a split second while im running and its really irritating. Also this controller was specifically saved for this game because i know these types of games go crazy on inputs. Not happy with that. This doesnt happen in any other game.
  4. I just counter him. Most human bosses can be countered. I ended him quickly:
  5. Secret word works in torri gate. They actually changed its location for reason I don't Know why. You need to navigate to the settings options then online settings and you can enter a secret word.
  6. I decided to put together some combos for Gwendolyn, Cornelius, Oswald and Velvet so showcase some good damage combos you can do on midbosses that can maximize your damage output. Some of these combos arent practical but just for show and flashiness. Mercedes i didnt make any for her because i absolutely hate her style of play. Hope you enjoy the videos and feedback is welcomed. Hopefully you take some pointers, ideas, combos out of the videos. Thanks for watching. Gwendolyn: [ame= ] [/ame] Cornelius: [ame= ] [/ame] Oswald: [ame= ] [/ame] Velvet: [ame= ] [/ame]
  7. I went on ahead and made a video for the double experience using the yogurt method. [ame= ] [/ame]
  8. This is a video i put together showing some of the strategies, useful moves and such for Gwendolyn. I hope you enjoy the video and learn a thing or two about how to effectively play as her. Some feedback on the video would be great. [ame= ] [/ame]
  9. Well let me start out with which character i hate the most and that would be mercedes. I dislike her style completely. The dodging along with her mechanics of gameplay just dont flow with me well. I have spent a lot of time on the characters even mercedes just to play around with combos. Im a very combo heavy player and love to do flashy combos and try to get as much damage output as i possibly can in a combo. All the characters aside from mercedes i was able to do good damage. Oswald and Velvet to me were the best for combos and DPS. I do like how each character plays differently. Gwendolyn was my favorite at the start but as i played the other characters i love velvet the most. The whole chains concept is amazing along with the fact she is has many perks that are built into her moves that help. My personal feeling towards the characters: Gwendolyn: Nice moves, hits hard, good juggles and the ice ability is great. Cornelius: Flashiest of the bunch, moves flow extremely well and that spark shot is too good. Mercedes: Ill sum her up in 1 word------ Trash Oswald: Unique style, high damage output, not for beginners. berserker mode is a nice addition. Velvet: Another advanced character(not for beginners) huge learning curve along with Oswald, good range, good moves, FIRE, iframes, personal favorite ultimate move. Ive played the game on normal even though i think hard would have been easy as well. The moment i played with mercedes i switched it to easy. I just cannot stand her style. If i wanted to play a shooter theres other games i could play. Most people that dislike characters like Oswald are usually beginners or intermediate players. He's more of an advanced playstyle and has a learning curve to him. Then again maybe to some players hes not good, but personally if he's given a chance im sure you will find him to be so good. I can go as far as saying hes one probably the most broken character in the game. Hes got the berserker mode along with that teleport move which i cant tell you just how good that move is. He's definitely for the more experienced player. I play lots of hack n slash games and difficult games so maybe this is why i learn mechanics/characters fast as well as mastering them. Anyway, excuse my rant about Mercedes i just hate her so much. VELVET = favorite. My vote is for Velvet.
  10. I personally feel Oswald would be the easiest. His vile rush move does so many hits and you can keep chaining it like I do in my video of getting 999 hits [ame= ] [/ame]
  11. I made a few boss fights with Oswald and some combo. Enjoy! [ame= ] [/ame]
  12. Specifically watch stage 2 boss and stage 5 bosses and you will get an idea for the timing. Most of all it takes practice.
  13. Watch my stage 2 and stage 5 boss guides and i will show literally how picky the timing is. Its practice and takes muscle memory. Check the videos in the trophy guide.
  14. For flourish i just pressed circle, but have to be facing in the general direction for the most part. Great guide.
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