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  1. hey Vlad its been ages buddy. how you doin?

  2. I am really sorry for being so stupid, but I just can't figure out the main action of the game - getting long to be able to eat many people and to ride many of them. When I launch the game, I start at some length (when colorful parts are between head and ass, sorry), which is not enough to do the trophy things. I don't know how to get longer and when I get 0 meter length I don't know how to get some length. I try to eat someone, try to stretch by holding L2 and L3 in opposite directions, but he doesn't get the colorful parts in the middle, so doesn't get the length. I seems that I miss some simple, but really huge thing, that everyone knows, everyone but me. And it's also so simple, so there's no information on the Internet how to do it - everyone knows and it doesn't need to be explained. I'm despaired. I wasted over 3 hours total trying to understand how to get longer. In the videos on youtube people somehow do it easy with no effort. So people, you know how to do it, please, share that information, it will really help me a lot. Sorry for my bad English.
  3. Just got the last trophy - Treasure Hunter. I had to pass the game two times (now it's at least 250 hours total) because on the first play-through even though I was checking everything by the list of items, still didn't get it. Second time I shocked when didn't got the trophy AGAIN. But I just tried to buy Nimbletoe Boots and got the trophy. I was sure I bout them before. So if you didn't get the trophy, try to buy accessories salable only in stores - you could miss some of them.
  4. what i've learned is that if at the beginning of the battle you capture some buildings and then quit, most of the times you won't loose rank, and even may gain one point. that's something, but still the on-line balance is really stupid.
  5. http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=4220&stc=1&d=1327305736 Remember the Russian user that the first one in the world got "Master" trophy? He did it in no time or efford just by the Legendary Mushroom Wars on-line glitch. So that thing also happened to me at the very beginning of working on the on-line trophies. I can only compare it to the Matrix movie. The server of the ridicules on-line mode in MW sometimes chooses one person and gives it a power to be above any other user. Just like Neo in Matrix . The developers either don't know hot to fix it, either they just don't care which is more likely. How it happened: I never played MW on-line, but tried last night. I didn't have the game on my console, so I downloaded it and the add-on, then installed the upgrade patch. I was gonna boost with the partner. We diced that I will be the first to get the trophy (so I win all the time). Soon enough we realized that it's a total waste of time and the only way to boost that shit is either catch a moment when no one on the server or make a group of people who will support the booster which is almost impossible. I ended with rank 1, so it was the waste of time for both of us. We took a little break, then I tried to play by myself to see how possible is it to get the rank in fair fight. My first enemy didn't do anything, then it quited. I though it was an error. Soon enough I realized that now I am the chosen one and I used my chance. How it looks: At the start of any battle all the foes are paralyzed. They can see your actions, but can't do anything - just wait for you to finish them. But most of them just quit, ending the battle in no time. In any case only you win. Some notes about scores: It seems, to get many score points you don't just need to capture many buildings - you also should end match as fast as possible - if you take long, will will get not much rank points for sure. How it ended for me: But don't you worry, I didn't get the Master trophy. The hatred of hundred people gave me the black screen and I had to restart my console. When I came back to on-line, the power has gone. I stopped on the half of the way - that's how far I could go with 3 hours of glitched wins. Some ideas why does this happen: So, as you can see it wasn't one ever glitch in the history of MW on-line, it happened to one Russian guy first last year, now it suddenly happened to me. As you know, there are much more people now who have that trophy. I'm pretty sure, some of them were gifted, too, but I'm the only one to confess. This all means any of you guys probably can become Neo for a while. Can't say much about tips how to make it. I can only say, that it doesn't happen at the moment you connect to server (so reconnection probably will just reduce your rank), it can begin at any game you start, and if you loose connection, you will loose your power with it. So, for as much as I can imagine the mechanism, any time you play can appear a lag that will make you God until connection is on. What about me: What should I do now? I can't boost, and many people hate me. I was gifted a power and now it's taken away from me. The only thing I can do is to try to get the other half of the rating by my own skill to proof that I don't need the glitch to win. P.S.: I am sure any of you would use that chance to get all the on-line trophies in MW, giving butthurt to other people, so I don't feel guild of something. I just hate Sony for so "stable" console, also Creat Studios for so "wonderful" on-line experience. UPDATE: I talked to the first one who had the glitch. He said he had it all the time (even after restarting console) until developers sent him a message. Now it's glitch is fixed. But as we can see, the glitch itself isn't fixed and can appear anytime to anyone. But he also confirmed that ranking system is really fixed and it's possible to get rating 2400 by your own skill.
  6. I was going to ask something same. I have a European version of Final Fantasy XIII and I want to have two trophy lists for this game on my account. Does this game have a multiply region based trophy list? For example, maybe Chinese or Japan version has it's own trophy list?
  7. Hey guys. I have got an atomic butthurt for you (so for myself). Someone in the thread said, that for now just one person of 2,5k have got this trophy. Do you know who and how? It's my countryman who has got this trophy by server glitch for 4 HOURS! How? Every single match he started was won by him in 10 seconds, here's [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTd5Ie1-H40&feature=channel_video_title]the proof[/ame] He says he's not a cheater, just seems the server is alive since it takes your experience whenever it wants, gives points in random order. Anyways, here's the only one in this world have got 100% in this unholy thing, still he doesn't even 100% everything (here's his card), so he would feel OK not to get 100% while someone here (me, for example) feels bad that that's the only game I can't have 100% in. Here's what he said in the trophy guide to the "Master" trophy: "5-6 недель непрерывной игры , 1.9-2.0 процента побед , 2400 рейтинга и трофей в кормане.. либо у вас с игрой случиться глюк (как у меня) и вы заработаете его за 4 часа)))", which translated like: "5-6 weeks of non-stop game, 1.9-2.0% of wins, 2400 of rating and the trophy is yours... otherwise you've got a glitch in the game (like I have) and you obtain it in 4 hours.)))))" So he didn't have to do anything - he just started any much and won everyone, whose were loosing rating. All this means, that no one still haven't got the trophy even with boosting. Don't know why, it seemed a good idea to use two accounts. I haven't bought the on-line DLC, yet, but I have a guess why you can win and loose points. As you know, in single player you obtain medals for doing certain things. Maybe, you have to obtain some minimum amount of medals in the battle not to have a negative rating. With all that, maybe you don't have to win all the time, maybe it's enough to obtain many medals. You might know, or might not know, that Mushroom Wars is fully made by Russians. If you see the credits - all the names you are Russian. Maybe, if I send them a letter in their native language, they may pay attention to it. Don't know.
  8. So. Is it like in Uncharted 2? When you unplug internet, you often get a money and experience penalty?
  9. Is it a question of honesty in this thread? I look for an honest booster partner I would be sure he will help me back when gets the Master trophy.
  10. sorry to hear that. it is unfair. but i heard that buying additional maps makes the trophy "collector" easier. if it's true, it's unfair, too, since other people wasted a lot of time to get 200 out of the basic maps
  11. Hey guys! I had troubles myself to find the missing additional materials for the Compulsive Hoarder trophy, so I decided to write a list of all additional materials in their order of finding in the game to make other people's life easier. Using it with the video guide you will 100% find any missing material and get the annoying trophy. Here's There's the link. Hope it helps
  12. Here's my add to the video guides - the list of all additional materials in their order of finding in the game. Using the video guide with the list will help you to find the missing materials. Download here.
  13. I just wrote a guide for all additional materials of Wanted: Weapons of Fate. Check this out.
  14. the best comment describing the difficulty of the platinum. no one said that the hardcore mode let's you to save just 3 times. are checkpoints disabled, too? i have "a life, works to do, a family and a few other things", so this platinum is really not for me.
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